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Purists will shoot me for this, but the bass that you hear in my songs is NOT a bass guitar. It’s a clean guitar pitch-shifted down in n-track, and usually I compress the snot out of with blueline compression and phaser, then use n-track reverb on it.

The only difficulty I seem to have is effectively mixing bass on songs that have a lot of instrumentation. You will note that on my songs that are rather quiet, the bass stands out well, whereas it seems to disappear into the mix on everything else…

Hi dannyraymilligan:

Purists should thank you for this tip…
It shouldn’t matter how you make the bottom-end for music…
As long as it sounds right for the song you create… :agree: :)


I know you appear to do everything on a budget like we do (we’ve got hardly any gear at all!) but we have got a bass guitar & wouldnt be without it.
If you dont mind me saying so your reccordings have an artificial sound which is totally at odds with the rootsy nature of your material & i think a proper bass guitar would be a step towards correcting this. (Using real drums is a bit more complicated to impliment)
But for the present, you said you put reverb on the bass & i notice you put it on just about everything else. We dont use reverb on more than one thing because nothing muddies a song like too much reverb. Maybe thats why you cant hear the bass in a bigger mix?
just my thoughts.


Okay, Tina, I’ll try to cut back on my intake of Reverb, but it’s addictive, especially when I don’t have all that stellar a voice, Reverb covers up flaws quite lusciously, lol!

Reverb is a huge subject in it’s self and should be concidered from the begining of the song build. Try to recreate the size of the room/space that you imagine the song to performed in. Look into convolution reverb.

I’ve heard of convolution reverb, Tony, so I will check deeper into that subject… thanks :)

You can always come over to Musicians Collaboration and let a couple of the bass players their take a jab at your tracks.

Midi bass is another option, however it is quiet difficult to program all the bends and slides manually if you don’t have a keyboard controller, but it opens up alot of possibilities because once the notes are mapped out in midi it can be changed to sound like anything.

I send mine through a roland Bass module and I can get everything from heavy slap to fretless jazz, recorded from live musicians in Nashville.
I sometime use my Jazzbass, but it needs new strings and is out of pitch now.
In a pinch and if I really must finger pluck it I can use one of my guitars and the Detune FX on the GNX4 pedal, takes it down one octave.

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Oh, eventually I will get a bass, my friends, for now I get fairly satisfactory results with what I’m doing. I know, once I get the hang of mixing some of my busier productions, the bass shouldn’t get buried in the mix…

btw Jeremy, love your signature :)

Have you considered FREEQ?

I got some good results using their preset bass settings for getting the bass notes to fit well in the mix.

PS, forgot to mention the other avantage to using Midi bass tracks…if you decides to change the tempo or key later you don’t have to re-track, just change the tempo and key on the track and BAM, done.

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Hi jeremysdemo:

Thanks for that post…
I went over there and registered…
I hope I don’t piss them off and don’t allow me on their site…
I’d like to go in there, on their message board, to see who’s hanging around, in there…


Go over to noissevault, Danny, pick up some impulses (the lexicon ones are good) and then go get the free version of SIR - no cost to you, and great sounding verb.

What was the band a few years back that used to do that with guitar? It can be a really cool effect, although if you can come up with 100 bucks you can get a P-bass knockoff that will be good enough and will sound better with your stuff, I entirely agree with Tina. I have a J-Bass with active electronics, and a rogue hoffner copy, and then a 100 P-bass copy, and I use that one more than the other two.

At one point in college we took a cheapo guitar and put really heave strings on it and tuned it down. The effect is cool for bass. The string is loose, so you get that huge pluck at the beginning and then the pitch wobbles in a distinctive way. Great for alt rock.


Quote: (woxnerw @ Oct. 09 2010, 4:01 AM)

Hi jeremysdemo:

Thanks for that post..
I went over there and registered..
I hope I don't piss them off and don't allow me on their site..
I'd like to go in there, on their message board, to see who's hanging around, in there..


NO problem,

a lot of us migrated over to there when artistcollaboration went down all those years ago, so you should see a few familiar faces :)

NickT who was a late comer to CC, started that site.

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If I had Only stayed with the piano - I could get a keyboard and play Any instrument!