Bass the real question??..Free vst

Ever get that bass sound where you can hear the bass (mids and highs), feel the bass (Over driven mids) but can’t get that low sound cool (Loose mids and highs end up with flat sound), or punch sound. Well this might help.

I know from reading the forums here, the bass is difficult to master, myself included. I found this free VST today and I must say that some of the sounds (sub sound) I get from my Toneport UX2 (only a couple of settings) which is the sound I’d like to have in all my music is present in the UX2 (Glad I bought it recently), I can get this same sound from basic bass sound, with this VST. This VST really can make up the difference in bass sounds. Looking for the umpfff… Check it out. It comes with other VST’s in the free download but the one your looking for in the list is mdasubsynth.dll

Here’s the link and it’s free. IMO it’s awesome.


Problems with bass come down to two things generally… monitoring in a poor room or the bass competing with the kick.