Bass v-amp

anyone got one?

Thinking about possible things to add to the studio, and while I use a couple of guitar amp plugins, I was thinking that a modeler with spdif out would be nice. The v-amp pro is nice and cheap (the regular is even cheaper, minus the rackmounting and various outputs), but I was thinking that the bass v-amp might provide more functionality, given that it still has a lot of the guitar amp models of the v-amp, but also a few for keys and bass.

Is anyone using one, and how do you find it?

edit: Is there nothing Berry will not make - now they’ve got a 2in/2out 24/96 firewire interface.


I have both the V Amp pro and Bass V amp Pro.

Both are good. Like any modeling unit, it takes a bit of tweaking to get the exact tone you are looking for.

Upgrade to the pro model if you can. Rackmounted and durable.


Is the bass V-amp alright for regular guitar work do you think? Seems to have the common guitar amps included…

Alternatives are always good, so here goes…

I recently went out and bought a V-tone Bass BDI21 (see specs here) as it suits my needs, i.e. not much space to spare, ‘just’ some good bass sounds (better than my guitar POD at least), and a price tag comparable to a set of good bass strings. YMMV, I use an old Vantage Avenger bass, but am dreaming of a Fender Presicion or something like that.

I’ve just enhanced (pun intended) my recording bass rig with a LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer (see specs here) which suits my playing style very well.

Both are recommended. My bass now sounds ‘just like on the record’… :D

regards, Nils

Yeah, I’ve got a GDI-21 coming. Should have it monday or tuesday hopefully.