Batch/Automate Mixdown Song From Disired Settings

Batch or automating a process

I have been ‘fixing’ up my old audio tracks I had converted to digital files.
I have a lot of them and these digital files “come-to-life” and setting a desired equalizer modes.
Below is the steps I take.

- Import the desired files, say ten of them.
- In MASTER PROPERTIES, set the desired equalizers
- Mixdown Song (which opens a location to give the new file a name.
- MIXDOWN SONG (More Options)
- Set the disired settings (Only done once for all the imported tracks).
- TRACKS TO MIXDOWN - I select the corresponding track so as to Mixdown the selected track only.
- START - This will run while I am waiting.
- MP3 SETTINGS (Since MP3 is the format I usually use).
- Select the arrow to continiue.
- When the mixdown is completed, I would have to go through the process again for the rest of tracks I previously imported.
Kinda tidious.

How can I automate this process, say, by importing the tracks and use a “Batch”/Automate" process to mixdown all the imported tracks without my attention.

I went through the tutorial on automation but could not find what I am looking for (or maybe I missed it).
As rubost as n-Track is, I feel it can do it.

Thanks in advance

I don’t thing there is a waay to short cut the process in n-Track.
If I have a lot of files to group process I use the method you have outlined and create one long file with the seperate files seperated by several seconds.
Then I use Sony CD Architech to seperate the sections into seperate songs, do some balancing and burn to a CD. The program itself is old but still sold seperately or as a part of Sound Forge Pro since about version 8 of Sound Forge.