Be careful!!!

Danger using the reverse option

Today it
´s a sad day for me. I have lost the work of 3 months with the perfect guitars voices, etc…

I used the reverse option for a voice track but something was wrong and
the whole project was reversed.

After 10 seconds n-track working an error msg say that there is some problem with the process and audio files are not ok.

I just closed the project thinking that REVERSE option doesn
´t modify the tracks unless you save it.


Take care. REVERSE track can destroy your work even if you doesnt save it!!!

Sorry to hear that, Nov. Always wise to make copies of the files prior to reversing etc.

I can
´t undestand how could so many files get selected. I was working only with one track (visible on the screen).

Tracks are now reversed aleatory. Some files in a track are reversed and anoher are not.

The main problem comes with the main guitars tracks. They are corrupted. The have jumps and another bad sounds.

Yes It
´s my fault… I should have made a backup… a noob mistake!

Take care if you are using the reverse option. It
´s not safe.

Yes. I agree. n-T should automatically make copies as it does when freezing tracks.

Nov!? Are you going to try to fix the project? Could try opening a new one, bring in the tracks one at a time, re-reversing them as you go. Probably need to realign them manually as positions are likely lost.

The problem is that in the middle of the reversing process, N-Track found a problem and couldn
´t finish the reversing process.

Then a dialog box pop up explaining that n-track can
´t determinate the resolution of the tracks and it ask me to do it manually (bit rate and frecuency). It also asks about making backup of the tracks.

I supposed that reverse is not a destructive process so I just closed N-Track (without saving the changes to the .sng file) thinking everything would be right when reopening the project.

When I open again the song, to my surprise, half tracks continue reversed and the big problem, many other tracks are destroyed with variable bpm speed, jumps, crakcs, etc

Theres no way tho fix those tracks. I could reverse many tracks but other ones are completely destroyed.

Two questions.

Why is reverse an auto-destructive process?. (N-Track ask for destructive in other process).

and Why N-Track save the changes made to the song (when closing the song) if I have not saved those changes?. If I don
´t click save, changes sould not be saved.

Ok how long ago did this happen? Don’t make any further changes to your system whatsoever. Do not delete any files do not attempt to make any changes to files.

Please try this, do a system restore to a point before you made a reverse. With a bit of luck you pull this out of the fire.

I don’t what I can say beyond that.


Thanks Paco.

I have already started to record again the tracks.

Anyway I have checked the tracks in another computer using wavelab and the problem remains.

Un-reverse is working for most of the files. The damaged tracks have lost the tempo and in the middle of each one there are small reversed parts, wrong bit information with audible clicks and other noises.

´s strange because not only the damaged files are those that are joined inside of the same track (f.e. the guitar tracks formed by many wav parts together) but also tracks containing a single wav.

Recording :agree:

Thnx again.

I was thinking that it would be a nice update for N-Track to limit the number of tracks that can be reversed at once.

Reverse is a process that needs further edition (set the offset, fades…) so it is not necesary to allow all tracks reverse at once. It is enough with only one reverse at once.

Sometimes more that one track get selected by error. This way we would be pretected if it happens.

It would make NTS more safe.