be so honest

Ok, im a new user, hello to all
here’s the situation, i just recently bought a delta 1010lt card, and even more recent
purchased a berhinger studio mic, a mic cable, mic stand, an m-audio 88key es midi controller
and the expression pedal for it… all from my paypal…

Now i have about 100 bucks or so left in that paypal account…

i have a decent stat copy and a v-amp2 which i got from a pawn shop and im
looking for some multi-track software…

i know your all die-hard n-track fans… should i get it??

im just a hobbyist, but i want to know what you think of its quality.

I have listened to some of your music with it, and it sounds amazing, and im shure
n-track will evolve into more than it is… but honestly… should i buy it tonight??
im itching to start recording in my little home studio…

please… give me all comments

thanks, and nice to be here… =)

I think it’s a great value for the price, lots of features, as you heard it can get some great results with some patience and careful recording techniques. With a good CPU and a modern computer you shouldn’t have many problems at all, even if so, the bug fixes and the advice here can help out.

Myself I have been using N-track more than a year, version 4.2.1, on a 10 year old Dell, with almost no problems. Twice I think it got corrupted and in 5 minutes I reloaded it from the download file on my hard drive, everything worked again, my files were all intact and I just went right on tracking.

So compared to the others out there, especially those that cost a lot more, N-track compares very well.

My songs are in the sig below, on SC, but others have achieved much better quality than me. N-track, honestly offers more features than I know how to use!! And if I had better mikes etc. I am not limited by N-track, but rather by the other equiptment I’ve got!

my current system ( all home built ) is an asus m2n-e with an amd 64 x2 4800+, running on xp home, sv pack 3 with 2 gig of mem

alberton live lite came with the delta, but it has so many restrictions.

i also have a soundblaster xfi card, which has the line inputs from the delta… i have a tv card plugged
into the 7/8 of my delta…

so i can hear the audio from that through the xfi

i think my system is very sufficient for multi-track recording.

i have made some small attempts with alberton and they sound nice… but i need more options and the
price tag of alberton is so expensive, at this early stage of experimentation for me…

n-track looks nice…

my mic,stand,cable and pedal arrive friday, and my m-audio keyboard arrives sunday… so i want some
software in place that can handle it… so im itching for n-track tonight…

btw, your tracks sound nice… no noise… clear…

it encourages me…

Rayban - with all you’ve spent so far buying n will be a minimal investment for you and with all the support Flavio - (the developer) gives and the fine folks here at the forum - I would say buy it. I’ve bought it 3 or four times now - don’t actually remember much of ver 3 - anyway, there are others out there but for the most part folks here are hardcore n fans and users.
Why don’t you download it as a demo and play around til your other stuff gets there? If you like it you can buy it.

Good luck and happy trackin’…

If you download the demo you’ll probably end up hooked. The latest beta 2425 is great. you can try that for fee I believe. I’m not sure about first timers. But I’m pretty sure you can work it untill Flavio says its time to pay up. If your planing to cut up midi parts to move around on a track that could be an issue at present but should be ok in the near future. If your a hobbiest, welcome home, you couldn’t find anyting better for that genera of expertise.

I have a delta 1010, works fine with ntrack. They have new driver updates for the 1010 that are more visual user friendly.

I think the trial version is fully operational except for that 15 second bell in a mixdown… and a nag screen… but hey you definately can give it a full test drive and the unlock is easy as pie.


i know your all die-hard n-track fans..
should i get it??

I'm not a "die-hard" n-Track fan anymore. :(

Should you get it? Well only you can answer that. Download the demo and try to break it. Download demos of other DAW's and try to break them. There are many similar packages to n-Track. Some cost more, some less. Ignore the cost for now. Grab some demos and have at it.



PS With your system specs, you should be able to do pretty well. You might consider adding a second hard drive dedicated to recording. Store all your project files and recorded media there. Leave n-Track (or whatever) on your system (C:\) drive. This will help prevent Windows "normal" system drive "housekeeping" chores from fouling up your audio.

PPS Okay fellers... I am being almost as honest as I can be here while remaining politically correct. No? :laugh:

PPS Okay fellers... I am being almost as honest as I can be here while remaining politically correct. No? :laugh:

You did good, D. :agree:

Well, before work this morning i received an email from stating they will be sending
my keyboard ( which they showed as in stock on their webpage but back-ordered on my order status )
and everything i ordered will be here on friday…

so i had my coffee, fired up the puter and went to the n-track homepage and payed my registration. =)

now its registered an im itching to try it out.

thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

So which keyboard did you buy or did I miss it?

A few weeks ago, i purchased a korg 25, midi controller but found that it was insufficient for… well
most things… i don’t really play keyboard, but wanted to learn…

but i need more keys, so i ordered the M-Audio keystation 88es midi controller.

Wow… you took my advice and demo’d all those other apps in less than eight hours? No you didn’t…

Well… you coulda done worse… Welcome to the fray!!


Quote: (Dubious @ Dec. 11 2008, 8:02 PM)

Wow... you took my advice and demo'd all those other apps in less than eight hours? No you didn't...

Well... you coulda done worse... Welcome to the fray!!


Ha - I bought n-Track 9 or 10 years ago sight undemoed or whatever. Seems to have worked out - but truth be told you had the right advice, Dubious. :agree:

Well… he asked for honest.

I never buy the first car I take for a test drive without driving a bunch more…

n-Track is without a doubt a great program… but it’s not for everybody. No single program IS! (IMO…)