Been A Long Time..What's a Good Soundcard?

Back into recording, need direction

Hey there. I have been using N-track since version 2, but have not been actively recording for some time. Just upgraded to the new version and scraped together a decent DAW, but I need some suggestions on a good entry level soundcard. I used to have a Delta 1010 but I think that would be overkill right now.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and it’s nice to be back!

Take a look at the EMU 0404…$99 or the M-Audio 24/96 Audiophile which can be had for about the same. Look for the M-Audio to drop in price as they have released the Audophile 24/192 and I figure a ton of 24/96’s will be showing up in the used markets. They may also really lower the price on new units to move 'em out. IF you think you may need more I/O than that in the future, take a look at the EMU 1212M, GREAT sounding card and can be expanded to a full 12 ins 12 outs later for about $200.

EMU forum is HERE.


Thanks TG…I appreciate the feedback!


There’s a thread below discussing this. However, I’ve heard only the best about the EMU, here and elsewhere.