Been a while

I first purchased ntrack back in 2004.
I joined this forum shortly afterwards.
I sort of disappeared in 2008, but still have all my old mixes, seps, etc from v 3.3.
Now I’m back…it seems I need to upgrade since win7 doesn’t support my old version.
But I digress.
It’s good to see some of the old gang still here, can’t wait to get back into the whole music thing again…

Hi edmon - I just logged back in again after another long absence. Was looking through all of my old posts and saw your name crop up quite a bit :)

I’m going to be using ntrack again, so I reckon I’ll probably be visiting more - shame there’s not a bit more activity here.

Welcome back, guys. I listen forward to hearing your new stuff.

I think there are fewer posts because many of the issues of the past have been solved - altogether a good thing!