beep or voice insertion plugins

any good ones?

hi guys im looking for a beep or wav insertion plugin for putting on mixdown wav tracks you know for the insertin a beep or voice saying something like "x band, x tilte of record, … or something like that every 30 seconds or so do you guys know of anyone of those other than the voxengo beeper??



Never heard of such a thing - why would you use this? Is the idea so that you can post songs/hand out CDs that have sort of a “shareware” limitation? Encourage people to buy the “beepless” version?

You could really easily set up the built in N-track Drums to insert a custom sound every “X” beats. Whether that be a beep or your voice saying “X Band” or the sound of a cat being stepped on, or whatever. Just record the sound, load the sample into your N-track Drums kit, and create a rhytym that fires the sound off as often as you want.

PS - Please do not harm cats in the making of your cd :)