Beggars can't be choosers

Just in case someone out there might have some small monitors they don’t like and would be willing to “donate” to a net friend. I’m in need of some for a friend. What you may have sat in the corner or closet? If you ain’t gonna use 'em I’ll find them a home.
Just a small beg. :whistle:

We could probably start a “Gear Bank”

Hmm… I wish I could help Poppa. The only thing I have lying around I don’t use/need is a pair of really lousy PC speakers you could find at a thrift store or pawn shop for 5 bucks. Besides, trust me, they are LOUSY for trying to mix with. Used them YEARS ago with n-Track 3.3 and a Soundblaster PCI 512 card…

I’ll keep my eyes peeled though. Always like to help out if I can. :)


Have you got a local ‘freecycle’ site Poppa?

Might be worth a look.

What’s a freecycle?

hhhmmm may be a UK word…

It’s a local website that offers things that people don’t want (you get them for free or for a swap.)

Freecycle is a mixture of ‘recycle’ and ‘free’.

Bang in your city and state…


well that’s news to me. Thanks guys

FREE CRAP!!! Never know what you might find.

One mans trash is… well… probably TRASH! :laugh:

I once sat a POS lawn mower out at the curb for the sanitation department to haul off. This was a 3HP push mower I’d had for YEARS… The deck was rusted completely through… the old worn out engine was so shot and had so little compression, it just made “slurping” sounds when you tugged the starter rope. Fill 'er up with oil and check the gas… Anywho, I pushed it out there and went back behind the house to gather some more “refuse” (lol Ange) to put out there. When I walked back to the curb, the sucker was GONE! I couldn’t believe it… I wouldn’t have even stopped to look at the piece of crap, nevermind load it in my car and haul it off…


Freecycle is great. Careful, you might turn into a leftie!

Anyone have an old joystick to midi connection they ain’t usin’?

I have a middle-aged joystick… :p :laugh: :p





Oh… and I’m still using it… every now and then…

Now that I have THAT out of my system… I assume you are looking for the Y cable adapter for joystick ports that accept standard 5 pin MIDI DIN plugs? Lemme check the ultimate bag o’ useless cables when I get home… I might has one fer yun’s.


Quote: (Dubious @ Jan. 26 2009, 1:36 PM)

I have a middle-aged joystick... :p :laugh: :p


What a SETUP... ROFL...


ROFLMBO :laugh:

Uh oh Dub, ya might have pre-voke-ed the wrath of Grizzly Willis! :whistle:

Glad I could set ya up (funny) :laugh:

That was MIDI not mini!

Thanks D !

Hrmph… well Poppa… I letcha down again. Either I have already given it away, it got lost or tossed. shrug It seems like I might have given it to my song writin’ bud a buncha years ago when I was trying to get him into the PC music thang… I don’t remember.

D - spreader of infectious technology…

Not a problem D.

Here is one for $12 if no one else has got it.

joystick to midi connector cable