Behringer BCA 2000 ??

is anybody out there using the Behringer BCA 2000 with n-track? I’m having problems getting a live processing output so that I can set up my effects. I’ve switched everthing just as the manual says and I can record all the effects I want, but I can’t get realtime effects. Anyone got any ideas?

maybe someone who doesn’t use the BCA 2000 has got an idea how the realtime effects work. I’ve switched LIVE on and it still doesn’t work

I don’t know about the BCA 2000, but you’re also having problems with “LIVE” in N-track?

In essence, you should be adding an audio track, arming it for record, adding your effects to that track, and clicking “LIVE”. That should be all that is needed.

Of course you may still hear your source “dry” as well as the effected version depending on how you’ve got the monitoring setup in your soundcard. (The complete opposite solution to “I can record but I can’t hear myself playing”).

Then we get into latency…

A bit more detail would be helpful. What doesn’t work about “live”? Does it crash, or do you get an error message?


I didn’t express myself very well I guess, let me start again. Here’s a quote from the manual.

“ n-Track Studio allows the computer to be used as a multi-effect device.
When in the live input processing mode the program will record from the selected input soundcard(s), will feed the RECORDED SIGNAL into the MAIN MIXER, thus allowing you to use plug-ins as track inserts, on the aux and master channels, and then will output the resulting signal to the active output soundcard(s).
If the buffer sizes are sufficiently low, the input to output latency will be low enough for the processing to appear to the ear as done instantly. This allows applying effects to an instrument while playing it through the computer. You can for example add a delay or reverb to an electric guitar, or add reverb to vocals etc.
The processing works also during the song playback and during recording. This may be useful to monitor the tracks being recorded. Vocal tracks for example are often processed with compressors and reverbs. Normally one would record the track dry (without any effects) and then apply the effects.
The drawback with this way of recording is that during the recording the performer doesn’t hear how its voice will exactly sound when processed with the effects. Using live input processing you can instead add the desired effects before actually recording the track, then record the track with live processing enabled so that the program processes the voice with the effects and mixes it with the other song’s tracks.
The live input processing mode is enabled pressing the LIVE button on the toolbar. “

The way I understand that is that with LIVE selected I should at least be able to see something happening in the main mixer indicator when I have a recording input, but I can’t see anything let alone hear anything. I have tried inserting a blank track with effects both in the track itself and in the aux channels with no success. All I get is a recorded track including effects which I can then hear on playback only. So how can I add (and hear) effects before actually recording the track?
The BCA 2000 should be full duplex, but if I can’t see anything moving in the main mixer then I haven’t got an output signal anyway. I hope I haven’t confused the issue further.

Anybody out there ???


I hope I haven’t confused the issue further.

Hmm, I think you probably did.

LIVE should work just like your description, and my brief overview (above)…

Lets go back to basics. Are you able to record an input and apply effects? If so, that tells us at least that the input side of things is working. When you record, can you hear what you are playing?

On the bca2000 I can switch between direct input monitoring and recorded signal. I can monitor directly but not the recorded signal. According to the signal path diagramm, the LIVE button is nothing more than a simultaneous playback, which means that the master meter should be indicating as it would when it is playback mode. This doesn’t happen. with the LIVE button pressed there is no “playback” output indicated on the master meter, ergo no output to the soundcard.