Behringer MS16 compact powered monitors

yay or nay?

I’ve been perusing ebay & the web in my search for compact powered monitors - something that would give me an improved perspective from my current Koss PC speakers and another perspective then my AKG headphones, and the Behringer MS16 came up … yay or nay?

Can’t say nay enough. First, understand Behringer makes knock offs of products. That said, I own the Roland monitors that these are a knock off of… and the Rolands are miserable. I have to imagine these are just as bad or worse seeing as how these are a cheaper equivalent. I can understand being on a budget, but I would really look to the lower end M-Audio, Event, or Samson monitors if I were you. Another note… in the sub $200 price range you are usually only looking at nice computer speakers that have the monitor label slapped on them. There are some pretty nice THX certified computer speakers out there. Not that THX certification is a holy grail, but it means the speaker lives up to some sort of quality standards. Just don’t go for what the box or glossy ad says. I am not a die hard gear snob, but those Berry’s are really not worth the cash.

Have you got a stereo receiver or integrated amp you could use for power? If so you would do much better by getting a pair of used bookshelf speakers from a reputable company. Just about anything by Polk is going to be good but a few examples are RTi38, 5jr, 7jr, and Monitor 5A. There are a pair of Monitor 5As and 5jr’s on ebay now that would be light-years better than cheap powered monitors.

Other good options are a pair of Infinity Primus 150 speakers (under $200 new), NHT Zero 1 (sort of rare but you can find them on ebay), or a pair of Mirage bookshelf speakers (several models readily available on ebay).

If you don’t have a receiver you can pick up one of those pretty cheap used as well.

I monitor with a pair of Polk RTi38 speakers plus a Mirage subwoofer and they sound fantastic. Definitely better than the “studio monitors” I have listened to at Guitar Center.

Do not buy Behringer Behringer is crap.
At the music store I used to work at, (one of) our motto(s) was “Friends don’t let friends buy Behri.” Almost every piece of Behri that got sold came back broken, and not due to abuse. I’ve seen with my own eyes two of their bass heads blow up - seriously, puff of smoke and everything - the first time they were turned on (yes, we had the impedance matched correctly). Every single one of the 4x10 bass cabs we sold was brought back within a week for blown speakers. I could keep going, but my message will be the same: Do not buy Behringer!

My berry patchbay is working fine :confused:

While Behringer gear is not terribly robust, it is typically a good value. I have 2 small mixers and a headphone amp and all have worked fine for years. I don’t use them every day and don’t have high expectations but for utility stuff I can recommend them. You typically will get the most for the least $ from Behringer but it is unlikely to have the best build quality or performance for hard use. As a result I would only look at the low-end stuff and buy from someone else for the more costly stuff.


Don’t take me wrong. I am not ashing those speakers becuase they are Berhinger… it is because they truely are awful for using for mixing. If you just want to play back your Walkman or iPod, they are fine. They are not at all suited for mixing.