Benefits to upgrading to 4.0?

Very happy 3.3 user here, wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to 4.0. Is there any major features I would be missing out on?

To make a
long story short, these I appreciate most:

- New Multiband Compressor, Graphics EQ and Tempo Delay plug-ins
- The FASoft ParEQ and Compressor plug-ins are now included in n-Track Studio
- EQ + spectrum analyzer on master & aux channels
- Aux Send bypass
- EQ bypass clicking on EQ button in the mixer window holding the ctrl key
- Snap to markers

There also:
- Selectable Always On plug-ins in the EQ window
- Transfer tracks to other n-Track users via the internet
- CD Burning support: mixdown song and automatically burn the track to an audio CD track
- Separate disabling for DirectX instruments and VST plug-ins in the Effects Settings dialog
- lots of more

I’m currently doing some work in the latest 4.x build, and I’m quite happy with it now. IT runs pretty smooth and loads of new goodies described above.

I also like a number of changes in the MIDI area


Go on, you know ya wanna ! For only 25 bucks to upgrade you get plenty of improvements and support n-tracks further development.
Its very convenient having a compressor ready & waiting to go on every track (and parametric eq). Click on any track in the tracklist and up pops the approp. volume slider, compressor and eq all docked to the side panels.

Also, bug fixes like MIDI copy/paste across tempo changes.

What’s an “always on” plugin? When I plug something in, it’s always on unless I turn it off. Is it a plugin that gets added to every track? I can’t think of any I’d use like that.