Berhinger Burn Out

Heard a buzz, smelled smoke, then nothin

Hi all,

Anyone use the Eurorack UB1202? I’ve had mine for a few months and in general I’ve been happy with it. Tonight I plugged it in and as the topic description notes, I heard a buzz, smelled smoke and that was that. No power at all. The power supply is almost hot to the touch. Should that be? I’m hoping the power supply is the problem. Any of you tech experts have any thoughts?


I had an MX1204 (I think that was hte model #)
Had it for about a year and no problems then I sold it due to an upgrade.

I remember my power supply did get really hot. I was worried it might burn the carpet…

Was the smoke coming from the power supply or the mixer?
At a guess I’d say the problem is wherever the smoke came from… :)

If the power supply is the same as the MX series then it is a proprietary plug too and not just something you can buy at radio shack or something…


Thanks for the quick reply. The power supply was right next to the unit so I couldn’t identify the source of the smoke. But since your noting that your power supply ran hot I’m now worried my unit is in deep trouble. Well, I sent a question into Behringer. We’ll see what they say.

Thanks again.


On closer inspection I see what happened. One of the three pins that connects the unit to the power supply cord bent all the way down and touched the metal ring on the end of the cord that surrounds the three pins. Now, does that burn out the unit or the power supply lol? I was able to pry the pin back into position and plug it in correctly but no results. Durn it. We’ll see what Behringer says.


i had the same problem-exactly .the 3 pin design on that power supply is weak .only a few models use burned out both my ps and unit.i hear beringer service is tough .you have to get an authorization code from germany and on and’ll have to check…i was in mexico at the time,the service center fixed the unit (new board)and replaced the ps for free with no paper work!i like the mixer,but i’d get a higher # model with thedifferent ps next time.good luck with this.


At a guess I’d say the problem is wherever the smoke came from…

Yip - electronic devices works with smoke.

Once you let the smoke out, that’s that.



Hi Hugh,
Don’t hold your breath while waiting for Uli B’s answer (or maybe you’re lucky).

I have a little mixer with a ps just like yours. It’s been working flawless for more than 2 years now. I’ll be careful with that plug and keep the smoke in, so to say :) .

From your description of the events, I’d say you can be 95% sure it’s just the thermal fuse in the transformer that blew.
Get a new psu and you’ll be fine.
If you have more damage, I guess you have grounds to complain about the design with Behringer (good luck…).

Thanks for the reply posts. I agree that the design isn’t the best, but I’ve generally liked the unit itself. Very workable for the money.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (at least those in the States that celebrate it). I’ll put up a post to share what Behringer says.