Best EQ

i have heard

look at this:
its only in beta stadium for pc but its the BEST EQ plug i have ever heard. it really sounds like the amek outboard it build after!!!

Oooh - a convoluton EQ - this does look worth trying - thanks jotb!

Hey jotb, where’s the link for PC beta?

hi toms,
i wrote an email to them and got the links a few hours later.
you need to have the pluggo demo installed and than you can install their plugin.
i dont post the links here cause its not officially on the site and i don`t know if i have permission.

No problem, I will keep an eye on it - I bet it’s a great method for modeling Pultec and other ancient goodies… :)

hi toms
look at colourtone on their site, that should exactly be what you are looking for! look also in the forum for more details.
very interesting!!

So I will have to buy Pluggo to run these plug ins? That’s what I infer from the comments on the forum…that makes it a more expensive proposition.

I am truly interested in these, perhaps most in the compressor they are working on. Dymanic convolution…mmm…

no! you just need the demo of pluggo!
so the price is really o.k.