best Headphones

not sure


i need a pair of headphones but i don’t have much budget.
I can expend as much as $30 dollars.
I have many options to decide:

Sennheiser - HD202
AKG K55/K44/M70
Audio-Technica ATH-M2X/M3X
Sony MDR-V150
Koss UR29

Can you advice me which one is the best? or another brand to buy? I’m Trying to decide what isthe best studio-like headphones for the price…


I have the Audio Technica ATH-M30 that I’m very attached to. They are comfortable, durable, have a reasonably flat sound and have served me well for the last two years.

I would recommend them…YMMV


I would second those or their big brothers the M40s. Unfortunately they both cost more than $30 :confused:

Keep looking, there’s a -ton- of info about headphones on the internet, I remember going through this myself. I ended up getting the M30s for about $50, so I guess that’s no help to you. Good luck, though!


what about the audiotechnica M20’s are they good too?


I’ve got the AKG HP40, which I suspect is similar to the K44. They’ve worked great for me. I preferred the sound to some of the more expensive phones I tested out when I was buying them. And they are very comfortable. I’ve worn them for hours at a time (they’re enclosed ear).

I went in the store planning to buy some AT phones. But I just didn’t like the sound as much. I don’t know how “accurate” the AKGs are, but I often mix with them (got no choice), and the mixes seem to scale to other systems pretty well. So either I’ve just learned how to adapt or they are reasonably accurate. Don’t know.