Best recording Hardware with n-track

Best Hardware with n-track

All I use is a computer and a taskcam audio interface for my instruments and a recording mic.

I want to record as professionally as possible and I have this feeling I’m missing some gear. What do ya’ll use?

Hi, Kishtar. I know little about lots.
What mic do you have? What do you monitor with?

I Tony, I’ve got a MXL mic 992. For monitoring I just use the headphones out on the TASCAM.

Kishtar. There are guys here who are wizards and they’ll give you precise spec’s on the specifics. I’m a newbie (again) and starting afresh - so I might be of some use for now.
Your mic reads well in the SOS review - in fact, for the price, it’s a corker.
The Tascam interfaces all seem solid.
When it comes to getting a pro sound, there are some basic rules (to break). Use the best you can get your hands on and have a good understanding of it all.
When it comes to equipment - the sky’s the limit but, many do a superb job with very little.
Headphones!? I don’t trust them - so I use around six different pairs.
What do you play? How would you like to work? Have you got a project in mind?