Best Version For Old Geezers

Version Advice Sought

I’ve got an P3 600mhtz computer with Win98SE. All my sound cards are in this and I can’t afford to upgrade. Do the newer versions (I am using 3.03) use more resources and therefore reduce the number of tracks and effects I can run? Is there a recommended version for me to use with my over the hill computer.

You are allowed a free upgrade to ver 3.3 with the purchase or 3.x. I would imagine ver 3.3 would work fine for you. Worst case, you uninstall and go back to the old version. Just be careful. Anything you save in a newer version will not be able to be opened in an older version. So if you open and save something ina new version and then have to downgrade, you will not be able to open those files.

Ok, I can’t comment on 3.0 since I’ve been using 2.3 for 5 years now. I used it on a 700mhz and was able to do 15 tracks with a couple of effects.
I used it on a 1G and was able to do 20 some odd tracks with alot of effects.
I could always upgrade, over the years but it took me long enough to figure out how to use 2.3, and I have neither the patients or time to start over. :laugh:
So I’m behind the time with versions, I don’t need to spend time in here reading countless threads till I figure out the simplest things I can do.
I’m getting a 2.6G next income tax season, and I 'm calculating I will be able to do 40 some tracks with diff effects on 2.3! tee hee…

600mhz…ain’t to shabby for 2.3 far as I can tell. :cool:

Right now I am using V3.3 on a PIII 800Mhz Win XP Pro.

Before that I used a PIII 500Mhz, Win 98SE, nTrack V3.3.

Both worked fine for me. I just switched to XP recently because Win 98SE started getting confused with 3 sound cards and wanted to switch IRQs around on me from time to time.

I’m a cheap old geezer myself.

I’m using a PIII 650 XP Pro with ver. 4.0 and all works well…not a problem I havent gotten into anything more than 8-10 tracks yet chuggin along without a hiccup.