Best way to move single notes?


I recorded a band and the bassist missed some notes and came too late (milliseconds). I currently mark the note and splice the selection (S key). Now, the parts are some kind of ‘glued’ and it allways needs some time to unglue them by using the size-handler to resize the part before moving (resizing is unglueing). Is there any smarter way to fix some late or early notes in n-track? Is there a preference to avoid this annoying glueing? Maybe I missed some great feature for such daily business?

It would be great to simply mark the ‘wrong’ note, press a shortcut and then being able to move the note forward or backward some milliseconds without affecting the ‘non-marked’ areas. Is there such a function available? By the way, an easy pitch-correcting this selection would be great, too…


I’m oldschool so please forgive me if my suggestion is outdated.

But…I usually just add a new blank track and copy the section I want to move forward or back.
I paste it into the new track and move it there.
I then clone the original track, fade it out at point where I want the new notes to be heard, and fade in the cloned track after the notes I am fixing.

That is the way I have done it for years, about a decade, so I don’t know what glued is or the other methods that might be quicker or better, sorry.

You could add the pitch FX to the new short track part you are fixing…how easy it is…well correcting pitch has never been easy for me.

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Glued. Working from the right, right click in the wav and choose un-group parts.

un-group parts?

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Hi Jeremy. Donald has some ‘glued parts’. If you have added or spliced parts in a track you need to ‘un-group’ them if you want to move them around individually and it seems to work better if worked from the right.