better bang for the buck?

ok, i’ve used a boss 7 band EQ for years and i know it’s good. i have been trying other ways of pushing my accoustic on stage since my Boss EQ died last summer.

Now, i wanna go back to the 7 band EQ for my stage setup. Since i don’t “stomp” on these EQ’s (it’s on the PA table) i was wondering about the plastic made Danolectro “fish n chips” EQ?

Obviously the $29 price tag got my attention and the reviews were favorable. Will the Danelectro fish n chips be just as good as the Boss GE-7—i mean noise wise?

Anybody use this one and or an opinion? jw

oh yea—and how about the DOD FX40B Graphic EQ for $49

The Fish thing - it’s noisy. Go try one.

Well, I have one of those Boss 7 band EQ thingies and it’s the noisiest thing ever. Crapola. Humsville, baby. Must be broken…

Have you tried the MXR M-108? It’s 10-band, and sounds real nice. Lots of gain, if you need it- I used it as a bass preamp at a reggae gig once!
It’s a nice metal box with a stomp-button, and lit-up sliders. Around $100.00, though.

Berry probably do one for $20

Quote (Willy @ Jan. 21 2006,23:06)
Berry probably do one for $20

Heh, yeah...

Ibanez GE10…you may have to search for one as they came out just after their so successful 9 series (obviously) but they are great…plus a volume slider…30-40 buks they are around with not too difficult search…try ebay there are 2 there right now for 29.00