Bi*ch Slapped


This SURE sounds familiar. …How 'bout y’all?

Hey - I should/could have written that!

Phoo you are my hero.

I’ve gotten to where I just record every riff that comes to me. If it grows into something more, fine. If not, it just sits there on the hard drive going “Nah, nah!” taunting me… It’s all good.


Jeeeeeezzzzzz, I’ve been biach slapped.

Is perfectionist and analpeckerhead the same thing? I know I fall into the analpeckerhead catagory.

Hmm, I thought this was about the Mixerman book and the band Bitch Slap…

I sent off a reply to that comment/blog, while I was over there…

You know an hour from now my reply might be quite different… OR… an hour before…

Anyway, after you push the “send reply/comment” button it’s all too late… It goes on forever… You can’t take it back… I’m not so sure if it even got published… Is a reply to those blogs supposed to be instant?

The more I think about it… the more I think it’s what’s got me to this “Tracker’s Block”… ????


I’m serious. Reading this, which I plan to do again so I can absorb it even more was like when your ears pop and you can suddenly hear what you’ve been missing. For a second it feels like freedom. Didja ever notice that as soon as your ears open you take a deep breath?

Ii KkNnOoWw…

It takes a while for the blood pressure pills to kick in…

I used to think it was atmospheric pressure that caused your ears to pop/crack…

Did you ever get off a plane after flying in, from somewhere and your ears didn’t pop?

OR… You try to get your ears to pop while you do a mix and they wouldn’t
??? ?


My ears pop after the wife hits me in the face with the spade end of the shovel! ???

How could she write about me? I’m not sure we’ve ever met…??


You know I think it’s not so much perfectionism as fear of our peers saying “that really sucked”. But yet we keep plugging away at music and recording.

The “inner child thing” is a load of BS. “My guitar solo was sloppy cause momma never served me grits” or whatever dives me nuts.

Hey my guitar solo was sloppy cause I’m a sloppy guitar player! And to me thats better than never being a guitar player at all!

As Mr. Henley and Mr. Frye said, “GET OVER IT!”

Yaz, tell us how you REALLY feel!

I REALLY feel “OLD” Melody. Like ancient, a fossil, dinosaur, cave man. Too much physical work this weekend and not enough nap time! My hair even hurts today!

Hope you’re having a nice day! :D

Every one of the items on the that list plague me, especially


Oh man, and now I’ll have to program some drums — EWWW! It always takes me forever to get the drums right.

Seriously, I recently had an old friend write to me and ask if I was going to continue to do much music (after I had sent out an email stating that I was taking a break from music largely due to my physical move) and that she couldn’t imagine me not doing music. I really feel like writing her back and saying something to the effect “What’s the point - even my friends do not buy my CDs when I release them…”. I thought that sounded a little sour grapes, so I didn’t send it, but it’s completely how I felt. If even your friends don’t support your music (by buying your CDs), then how are you going to get strangers to buy them?

I make music for ME first. If somebody else likes it, that’s cool. If not… well it still served its purpose to me. I think a lot of people suffer at their own hand by worrying too much about what other people think. Lifes too short for that. Now someone making a living with music probably has to suffer more than guys like me because they have to make more compromises than they would like. Me? I just do what I want. Screw everybody else! :p


…besides, what’s that music business adage: expect nothing; be prepared for anything…

(Mwah @ Jul. 29 2007,07:00)
Hmm, I thought this was about the Mixerman book and the band Bitch Slap...

A must read for everyone here. :D

Started reading a little of Mixerman diaries yesterday. Hilarious stuff! :D