Big Group Of A Single Man

I’m doing sort of a cover recording of a song the I find quite amusing. Its sort of a hip hop song, but I’ve redone it more rocky/metalish. It is #### The World by Insane Clown Posse, and my issue is that I’m wondering how to make one track that has me yelling a phrase sound like a group of people yelling it together. Theres a few examples in it during the chorus for whoever is familar with the song. I’ve tried a few plug ins but they either make it sound robotic, or sound more like reverb and delay (that was when trying Clone Ensemble).

Any suggestions? I’d prefer not to get a group of 20 people in my living room and record them.

How about recording yourself 20 times, run them all to a single group with a single reverb on it and seeing how that goes. The other option is to clone the track a few times, experiment with pannings and eqs on each track.


Ouch… the pain of having to yell “#### the World” 20 times… thats 20 good takes I mean… excluding the crappy out of time takes or ones where my voice breaks! :D

Anyway, wont that sound more like just 20 of me yelling, rather then just a group of 20 people yelling?

Use your imagination dude, do some falsetto, so some lower, do some death metal one, pitchshift a few to sound like a woman, smurf or chipmunk…

yeah, Willy’s got it.

Do all the voices have to sing the same note?

If not, then it’s no problem to harmonise with yourself, (although, I think it’s a felony in some states :( )

But if all the voices are singing the same note, then sing at different pitches, use your chest voice, middle voice and head voice, then pitch shift them to the correct note, that way you’ll get a bunch of different “qualities” of voice.

(Note: I make no claims as to the authorship of that idea, I think it was Phoo who suggested it in another topic. But it still sounds good to me! :D).

But if you want to just bugger about with one recording, then you could try pitch-shifting micro-tonally, peaking the EQ at different frequencies, adding different delays, distortion, etc., but I suspect the quality of your voice would still come through and it’d sound more like a deep chorus effect than a true “chorus”.


I think you’d have to hear the recording to understand what I’m trying to do. But I’ll try the multi tracks of me


Any suggestions? I’d prefer not to get a group of 20 people in my living room and record them.

shrug Make a soundfont of you yelling it and hit a dozen keys at once. If you make it right, you’ll be able to do beach boy harmonies with it.

Other than the above suggestions, probably the only way to get something sounding like a group of people yelling stuff, is to have a group of people yelling stuff.


Sound font idea would be fun just for the shear fact of having a sound font of me yelling profanities… but I don’t have time for such sillyness!

Try 4 or 6 different recordings of your voice. Dont worry if they are in key. Then for each one, use the pitch shifter, just a little goes a long way. You might get what you are looking for.

Make sure that you vary the timing and inflection a bit from track to track. Do a couple that seem horribly off time - come in (and end) late/early, etc… it will sound more like a group instead of just a bunch of clones.

yup, i’ve done this before. your first instict will tell you to record yourself shouting once, then find a way to “clone” that same recording and have it sound like a crowd of people. you won’t get the same effect. what makes it sound like a real crowd is the variation in voice types, timing, volume, dynamics, etc.

i would have fun with this… try doing it a number of different ways… make your voice sound deeper, softer, higher, etc. and play with mixing them all together in a way that doesn’t sound too phony or like too many of “you”.