Big Problem with beta v3015, Dead in water. Solved

Ozone 4 won’t respond, I’m dead.

Hi Just completed my album for this year and now it’s time to master it. The new beta 7.0.2 3015 will not allow Ozone 4 to operate. Although the plugin appears and all functions are there, there is no response. The master fader in n-track does not respond at all and the audio is pushed up with no control over it. I also have on a single track guitar rig 5 running and this works fine when Ozone 4 is not running.

I can’t continue to master at all with this build.

I went back to v7.0.1 3012 and the Ozone 4 plugin works fine however I can’t run my guitar rig 5 plugin on that single track at all because
it just pops and clicks the whole project. I deactivate the guitar rig plugin and the pops and clicks go away.

So I’m in a rock and hard place and can’t continue to master my project. It’s a ball buster for me.

Running 32bit versions of n-Track


Hi Paco,

it appears the issue is with the latest beta and Ozone or any VST plugin on the master channel. The bug is related to the optimizations we added to make handling of multichannel VSTis more efficient.
A new build that fixes the problem will be online later today.


Thanks Flavio,

As always, thank you for your hard work and dedication. It’s very much appreciated. :agree:


Just wanted to add, the new build worked fine with Ozone on the master channel and I was able to run Guitar rig VST on a track at the same time.

Thanks again Flavio.