Midi to Audio

Is there a way to convert midi to audio? Thamk’s


regards, Nils

You can just connect the audio output of your current midi synth back into the line input of your sound card with a suitable wire.Or in the Record part of your soundcard mixer select stereo mix or equivalent as the source if you are using the Midi synth on your soundcard.
There are also bits of software by Roland and others that will convert (“play”) a midi file into an audio wav file.

How are you currently hearing your Midi tracks?


The easiest way is the SynthFont program, found here.

Remember to download a soundfont to go with it, too…

regards, Nils

Here I assume you have a midi track set up in N that you can hear when you hit Play. In this case the midi data is being directed to either a plug-in, general midi soundfont or your soundcard’s soundfont.If the sound is actually coming out of your keyboard, then I think the above solution is best.

Some soundcards if they support midi soundfonts, such as some Creative Labs cards, will allow you to record what you are hearing in the midi track. Others may require you to literally connect the output of your soundcard to the input of your soundcard. I think N does a test when you tell it to create a .wav file from a midi track

I tend to use vst plug-ins, in which case, the mixdown works very well for me

Hope this helps