Bill Chinnock, 59, a Founder of Early E Street Ban

is dead

Bill Chinnock.

Here’s another article - Maine rock ‘n’ roll icon Bill Chinnock dies at 59.

I saw this guy play numerous times in bars around Maine in the mid-70’s. He was always great & I always wondered how he ended up in Maine (still don’t know). He wasn’t as good as the Boss but he was close. Too bad.

I keep finding great articles about him - Bill Chinnock, 59, Shore rock pioneer.


“You know how everybody calls Bruce ‘The Boss’?” says drummer Vini Lopez. “Well, before Bruce was The Boss, (Mr. Chinnock) was The Boss. He told everybody what to do, and you were happy to do it.”

In December, a monument to Asbury Park’s early rock scene was installed on the city’s boardwalk. Mr. Chinnock’s name was one of 35 on it. He planned to perform at a concert celebrating the occasion, but was too sick to make it…

In a 1990 interview with The Star-Ledger, Mr. Chinnock recalled the first time he heard about Springsteen.

“I still remember Danny (Federici) telling me over the phone, ‘We’ve got a new guitar player and he’s great,’” he said.