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I am a semi professional recording engineer. I have helped an amateur music friend of mine from time to time with his recordings. He uses n track and recently upgraded from version 4 to version 6. Mostly I help him get his track timing in order, and I hate to say this, but anyone who is more advanced than a complete amateur would not spend more than five minutes putting up with this programs flaws. The time marker skips on without reason, there endless problems getting loops to line up apart from other irritating details. Man this is a seriously frustrating program. There should be a basic and a pro version, there are far too many features that are of any use for most of your users, these are interfering with the actual enjoyment of recording and making music.

Well, sorry you had problems. First thing to note is that verion 7 is the newest build. I will say the problems you discribe tend to be more computer specific and can usually be corrected in the settings. I don’t remember if there were any timing probelms with verions 6. Where you using a demo version?
What kind of interface and what kind of sound driver are you using? What speed hard drive are you using? Is it possible that the hard drive is not writing to disk properly?
If the problems are with version 7, send the details to support and see if they can help with the problem - they will help with earlier version too. Many of us have been using N_track for years with few problems and others run into the kind of frustration you mentioned and give up on the program. I gave up on Protools, supposedly the premire program because the learning curve was simpley too steep. I guess I am a semi-professinal also, and I have had good luck with N-track. I hope you find the problem that is causing the timing issue.

I just moved an earlier post that where I had sysc issues. Perhaps it will help.

Quote: (lastperfectday @ Oct. 01 2012, 12:34 PM)

There should be a basic and a pro version, there are far too many features that are of any use for most of your users.

I agree whole hardily.

unfortunately demand drives marketing and production in some cases and these were all the things over the years people just had to have. :disagree:

whenever you continually add on things it can effect efficiency more than it would if you started out with those things in mind.

I think it's a problem all DAW programmers face from time to time which is why they often do start over with different "versions" as they call them but they are actually different builds from the ground up when the old one looses it's efficiency.

look at Protracks, Sonar, and Cakewalk, all from the same vendor and all supposed to be different levels of the same thing but I suspect they are different programs entirely that share a common layout and protocol.

dontcare :cool:

Should have gone for n-T7.

Hmm, well Ive helped this chap through from when he had version 4, he dident have the time or inclination to learn to use another program, so we moved on through the versions each as frustrating as the other. I appreciate that there are many ungrades. Another example, when you click off a solo function on a track, sometimes an ear splitting roar is released from all of the other tracks now clipping. The markers need two efforts to delete and so on. Ive known n-track now for years, and the basics just keep letting the rest down.

Just curious- what interface is being used? Honestly, I hav enever had problems like you discribe thet were not relatesd to the hardware.