Bladeenc add-in

Can’t get Bladeenc to convert files

I am unable to get the Bladeenc add-in for converting wave files to mp3 files. I installed the i586+ version. I am running WindowsXP Pro.

You could always use dBpowerAMP Music Converter.
Just mixdown to wave with n-Track, then use dBpowerAMP to convert.


I’ve never gotten bladeenc to work, I second dbpowerAMP. It plays nicely with ntrack.


crankz1 & edmon,

Thanks for the recommendation. dBpowerAMP works great!


Hmm, would these be imposters, secretly trying to diss one product in favor of their own? Who knows. But I indeed am having a problem with BladeEnc. I’m new to nTrack and when I tyry to convert to mp3 I get the message that I need BladeEnc. I’ve downloaded it, and the DLL (and source files… like I need that) are in C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\BLADEENC. Still, no joy.

I am registered and running