BladeEnc not found

BladeEnc not found

ntrack reports that BladeEnc does not appear to be installed. I downloaded it and unzipped it to C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\BLADEENC. The package includes the source, but also includes the DLL.

How can I get ntrack to recognized that it’s there?



Hi leo. Im not sure about your problem, but what i have heard here is that if you are planning use mp3, dont use bladeenc, that is pretty old compared with LAME or WMA, whit them you will get best results.

If memory serves me correctly, you need to install the bladeenc EXE, not the DLL. I think N-track spawns a new process with bladeenc.exe.


Forget Bladenc. Use dbpowerAMP Music Converter instead. Here’s where to get it: