Blowin' Off Steam

It’s out of my head finally…

I had this thing in my head and a free evening…

Nice groove going there Tommy.

Some things you just need to get off your chest and put to bed.
Be a good piece as an opener on a sitcom.

A sitcom! Sounds more like a crime drama to me!

Who played the sax?

:cool: Most crime dramas are sitcoms, if they mean to be or not.... :laugh:

Who played the sax?

Sounds close to a real sax don't it.

That's my Roland GR-09 - all the keys - string pads are from it, I played on my Roland Strat. Nice toy.

This trak started as another film trak for the college - they want 15 total. I piddle for them then if it's something I like I just have fun with it.

Ah, I’m actually impressed - it sounds great. If only I could afford one…if only… if*, if iF…

Well let me know if you ever hear a sax part I can do for ya…

I agree, crime-com (?) Sounds like it could be used in some Hill Street Blues-type show opening credit sequence. I can picture in my head right now as it’s playing, clip/montage style opener with scenes of 5-o’clock shadows breaking in doors with guns drawn, convertible corvettes peeling away from the scene with smoke billowing, some roughian getting slapped by a detective in a small concrete room lit with one hanging light, hi-5’s when the last measure plays with a drawn out final note with the director’s name credit superimposed, the whole bit. Yeah, it all fits. Love it. Good memories of shows that were on past my bedtime, so I could only see the opening credits before being shuffled off to bed.
nicely done!

J.D.E.T. Nailed it - it’s dated!

And Tom - I’m surprised you didn’t tell me to can the tom fills on the intro - so I did anyway, and posted a remix.

Sad really sad … :p

I liked the tom fills. My name is Tom fills.