Blue screens...

Does anyone else have problems with bluescreens when using n-track???

You mean, The Dreaded Blue Screen Of Death?..sorry, I haven’t. I have the 3.3 v of N and am running WinXP Home…my setup is very stable.

My setup was stable too until I started mucking around with this. When I try and set up an effect on the Aux channel. Blue screen every time…

I’m running XP and haven’t had one in years, now I’ve had about 12 in 2 days… All related to n-track!

What effects are you trying to use?
There are certain plugins that just don’t play nicely.

Blue screens are kernel crashes. That’s almost always a driver issue. User mode crashes will kill the app, but usually won’t bring down the OS if the OS is Win2K or newer. n-Tracks is a use mode app, but it accesses kernel mode drivers. Plug-ins are user mode as well.

n-Tracks is stable on machines with stable drivers but some machines do have problems. There’s a lot that could be causing problems.

You haven’t given us much to go on really.

What’s your system? What soundcard? What video card? What CPU? AMD or Intel? USB? Firewire? RAM? ASIO? WDM? MME?

Which build of n-Tracks are you using? Some earlier builds of V4 were not very stable and would cause some pretty odd problems.

I wonder if there should be a page that loads up prior to opening the forum. Such as…

Having problems with your soundcard? Provide your soundcard brand, PC OS, and what process were you doing prior to your problem. There are many within the forum who are willing to assist you. In order for them to help, some basic information is necessary. Otherwise, their response will only be delayed.

Something along those lines…

hi Mung, and welcome to N.

Like Phoo says, N is stable on a stable system. If you’ll provide more info, perhaps we can help you find the problem.

In the meantime, you might want to make sure you’re running the latest version of:
- n-Track: Ver 3.3, look for Build 1516… Ver 4, DL and install Build 1801
- Sound card drivers: Visit the manufactuer of your card and DL the latest
- Video card drivers: Visit the manufactuer of your card and DL the latest

These 3 things solve 70% of the problems folks come here with. Start there. If you still have problems, we’ll try to help.