blue shift band uses n-track

hey everyone, i saw this spot for posting songs that have been recorded with n-track and i thought why not right?

so anyway, here is our bands website: Blue Shift

when you first get to the site there is a flash player that plays some of our songs, but you can go inside the site and go to the music section and download full versions of all the songs. enjoy!

oh and please post any comments. keep in mind we dont have the best equipment (eg. mics guitars amps mixers etc.)

critisism is also very welcome, if there is anything we can do to improve our sound, let us know! thanks!

come on, no one cares? we play modern rock music, sometimes it gets very metal but sometimes its a lot lighter and poppier, anyway, someone give it a listen, let me know what you think!

Traffic is pretty slow on this part of the forum, plus I think you have to give a little to receive a little in regards to feedback - one of those unwritten rules.

I listened to Save Yourself. It’s not too bad, seems to be a fairly creative composition. The instrumentation is pretty cool; lots of neat changes. I’m not a big fan of the drum sound, it’s a little muffled or flat. Sounds like live drums and the challenge is good micing and EQing. I liked the German rap part, that was cool. Some of the sung background vocals had a slight pitch problem; maybe that was intentional??

I also listened to Big Nothing. Very competent song. Liked the emo thing you guys do. Same comments on the drums, a bit muffled.

On the plus side, the vocals on both songs are mixed well in terms of being heard distinctly over the backing instrumentation. Not everyone accomplishes that very well. Thanks for sharing your tunes and best of luck with it.

wow thanks, yeah we always have problems with drum sound! the room we record in i think sucks for it as well as the drumset its self not being tuned perfectly. especially teh bass drums. but thanks a lot for the comments!

Hey Kevin,

I did listen to a few song a little while ago, but didn’t get to post anything. Anyway, here’s my take:

I listened to “Die Cast”:

Well played…well written

I thought the vocals sounded thin and reedy, especially in the long sustains (i.e. “now I’m loooooooost”). Maybe some low end or double it?? In the intro, the guitar drowns out the vocal in a few spots.

The guitar and bass aren’t really distinguishable from one another, I really don’t hear the bass entrances clearly. Personally, the bass/drums should really launch the tune. Gimme more low end on the bass.

The drums sound like they’re scrunched into a small sonic space (could be mic’s). I’d try to EQ scoop them, compress 'em and a pinch of reverb to offset the high reflectivity of the recording space. (I too am relegated to a basement recording space).

There’s a slight timing flub at 3:36.

My $.02…FWIW.

I’ll give a listen to some more later…


Not a comment on the music, but I do like the website, nice and clean and clear… I was affeared when I read flash I thought I was going to be assaulted by some crazy animation and loud music, but instead I was impressed by a clean well laid out site so kudos.

thanks guys! yeah i did the design on the site, im a comp sci major so i know all about that crap. the song die cast is the oldest song we have up for download, its probably the most emotional first song ive ever written, but anyway the point is we recorded that back when we knew even less about recording. the song is going to have a complete overhaul in the next few months. im going to write a much better bass line, and now that our drum sound is better (not good but better) than it was, the drums should sound better. that was actually the first song we recorded and it took us over a month to figure everything out, but i think we have come a long way in figuring that stuff out so i think the next recording should be a lot better.

thanks to everyone for the comments i really appreciate them. do any of you guys have stuff that i could listen to? im a newbie so my input probably isnt that valuable but id love to hear what you guys have to offer. thanks again!

listened to save yourself…

most of the instruments could use at least a little compression… especially the vocs… i really like the vocal reverb, vocal recording is really clear.

drums… i really like that snare sound for some reason. i’ve always liked the “thundering kit with tinky snare” sound. :O kick needs more snap to it…

how did you record the “heavy” guitars? the distorted sound you’re going for is difficult to perfect. clean guitar is already there.

there’s lots of music in this area of the forum if you’re looking to hear what everyone else is doing… i just posted something today, so i’ll be checking some of the newer stuff out myself.