Mixed some old cuts today

Grass thats blue

I was dumping in some old adat tapes today for backup onto dvd. These guys are pretty hot. I recorded them back in 98 and mixed it on a mackie. It sure was easy getting N up and running on the mixes :) Hope you enjoy. Even if you don’t like the music check out the musicians. The banjo player is my mechanic and keeps my '82 GMC on the road.

Hi jeromee:
Thanks for the link… There’s lots of energy there… Good tracks… :;):

From what parts do you guys call home?


Hey Bill
Were here in the Blueridge Mountains of Va. You know what the sad part is, the fiddle player was my guitar teacher. He’s a Berkley grad and he really cooks on the gtr. Glad you liked the song. I am now gearing up for mixing a project for the banjo player with wyatt rice and some other guys.

I love it. that really cooks.

Hi again jeromee:
I’ve made a few trips up-and-down the I-84… Would any stretches along that highway be considered in the Blueridge Mountian areas of Virginia?

There’s some pretty decitated musicians to their instruments inthat part of the country… I had a Dobro player from Virginia do a track for a project Iworked ona while back… He was a High school teacher, by trade… The Steel Guitar player lived somewhere in Ohio…


Sorry about all them Interstate Highway number mistakes…

That’s the Interstate Highway I-81 … Going north and into Pa. at Scranton Pa. the I-81 splits to the Interstate highway I-84… The I-84 runs up to Mass. to the I-90…

The highway I-84 to I-81 split, at Scranton Pa. , is in the order of 22 hours from where I live…

WOW!!! O brother where art thou! Forget about fixing those old smokey cars, you just smoked my speakers! Fabulous