Blues Jam


If you look closely, do you see where that Strat Is ????
I thought (at first look) that was phoo behind those tubs…

I want some of whatever they’re on…

Do you hear the dynamic envolope of that audio pass ????


Yep, leave the strat where they belong . . . on the guitar stand! :laugh:

Killer groove!

Nice pickin, more jazzy than bluesy. But there are a couple blues licks in there.

The Strat is used for the ‘good stuff’ not just a bluesy jam. :agree:

Levi - quit dickin’ around with the member ratings :laugh:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 11 2009, 9:40 AM)

The Strat is used for the 'good stuff' not just a bluesy jam. :agree:

Levi - quit dickin' around with the member ratings

I didn't see what kind of amp he was playin though but it's true, he sounded like a million bucks.
I've perfered the sound of a Paul over a strat for anything but blues.
But Pauls make a fine blues guitar too!
Love um! Would like at least a half dozen of them.
I've had way more pauls than strats.
You could chop an oak tree down with one.
But ya know!
The axe will help you but if you don't have the chops, it won't work very well.

Member Ratings? :laugh: We have member ratings here?
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 11 2009, 9:40 AM)

Levi - quit dickin' around with the member ratings

Why don't you just get 4 more user accounts and jack it up a little :D :laugh:

Phil Keaggy is amazing. Search YouTube for his videos. Mind blowing musician and by all accounts I’ve heard from folks who have met him, a really super guy as well.


Phil definitely knows his way round on a fretboard! :agree:

That’s what impresses me most. When a player knows exactly where he is and where he’s going on the neck.
I work on that constantly.
Knowing your scales and positions without having to ‘think’ is a must for that.

Wouldn’t you know it… it’s in the key of C. :laugh:


It has become clear to me that C is the key of the gods.

it has thus also become clear that it is no accident that I rarely, if ever, write in C.

The key of C is a favorite for keyboard players, I only play a few songs that are in C. I even wrote one that’s in the key of C, who knows why. Just started jammin there I guess, I sure don’t mind playin in C but for guitar other keys give more guitar options that I like.