Border Militia Divides Arizona Residents

Woohah - back to the Frontier Days…

right-wing militia.


BISBEE, Arizona (Reuters) - A right-wing militia patrolling the Mexican border to catch illegal immigrants is pitting some residents in favor of old-style frontier justice against critics who say the militiamen are the real threat.

Between 300 and 400 “Minuteman” project volunteers, some of them armed, have come to Arizona to stake out a 23-mile section of the border throughout April.

They say it is a peaceful political protest, although some are armed with pistols, and a number of local residents have joined the patrols or turned out to support them.

Others, however, have held protests and watch with suspicion the volunteers’ arrival in camper vans and four-wheel drive vehicles, some decked out with gun racks.

In the old copper mining town of Bisbee, which reinvented itself as a refuge for writers and painters after the mine closed in the 1970s, many eye the vigilantes with suspicion.

My own ‘uninformed’ opinion is that it appears to be an over-reaction, right wing publicity stunt.

But hey, Arizona law permits the carrying of firearms. You reap what you sow.

I bet there are a few on the West border to keep folks from California out…and North - there’s Mormons up there. Hmmmm…NEW Mexico. That could be a new part of Mexico to the South. Better guard that one, too, just in case.


Yeah, sadly this reminds me of some of my relatives.

I’ve got a much better solution:

Instead of beer swilling/4 Wheel Driving/Gun Totin’ he-men, gather up a few hundred love starved gay guys, equip them with night vision goggles and distribute them along the border with instructions that they can keep whatever they catch (no catch-n-release though!).

Then post a sign on the mexican side (in spanish):

Illegal immigrant warning:

The Dorothy Squad is now positioned along the border armed with night vision scopes, ky jelly, hawaiian shirts, and running shoes. Most haven’t seen love in six months or more, proceed at your own risk.

Sorry if this offends anyone, meant as a humourous aside to a serious situation.


Or better yet, put Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson along the border crossing, that will turn them back in a hurry!


That is outlawed under the Geneva Convention. Cruel and Unusual Punishment.


Didn’t Shrubbie already say the Geneva convention was outdated, or was that the Nuc-u-lar Non-proliferation treaty, or maybe the Magna Carta, I can’t keep all of the broken treaties straight any more…???


I bet there are a few on the West border to keep folks from California out
Californication :laugh: