Bose PA system

The new Bose PAS

I am looking at getting some Bose personal amplification systems for my band PA. Have any of you ntrackers had experience with these? How do you think they’d work for palyback monitors in my recording room (not in my mixing room). How have they worked for live performance?

hi tn… i have a bose pas, and i think it is incredible… however, you need to be aware that bose systems always color the sound… i would strongly discourage using it as a monitoring system for mixing/mastering… along with the distinct “bose sound”, you wouldn’t hear a true stereo effect… although it should work fine for very generic playback… i’m not sure if you’ve looked closely, but the pas is a bit different from the pa systems you may have seen before… i would encourage you to take an acoustic and a mic into a store and try one out before buying… and you will have to buy the bass module as well, the poles do not handle bass very well… not everyone likes them, but i absolutely love it… using just an acoustic and mic or two, it’s perfect for small shows… my bass player hated it because, as bose claims, you won’t need traditional monitoring… i’ve found this to be true…

best of luck… and just a note - as far as i know, bose has fixed prices… so you’ll not have much luck trying to haggle with the sales guys like i did… :)