Bouncing a mono track into a mono track

N-tracks makes 'em stereo files

I have a multitude of mono tracks in songs that begin from somewhere in the middle of a song (like gtr soloes, backing vocals in choruses, cowbell here and there… well whatever).

To export the tracks to another co-operator I’d like to convert the tracks to begin from the beginning of the song.

What I’ve done in the past is mixing down every single track, one by one, in the mixdown window. There is options to make the files mono or stereo, use or not use effects etc. But it takes time so I found out there is a bounce command.

So I go to Freeze/Bounce and try to execute the command. It kinda works, but makes a stereo track. Is there an option somewhere to keep the track mono if it is a mono track?

(If there isn’t there should be)

Actually, this is a bit odd since when I try this only one track behaves like this. It is combined of edited pieces that are not in connection to each other.

Other tracks seems to behave normally.

Hmmm… now it works normally with other tracks that consist of different parts so that is not the problem either. I’m puzzled… but anyway N-track seems to bounce mono tracks to mono in most cases.

Now I get it. There is a check box called Expand track to stereoin track properties window. Somehow it was marked.

So everything is funky and working! :agree: