Boy - this thing sure has a lot of builds.

As someone with a formal CS background and a hefty experience with C++ and all of the industrial strength tools - my experiences tell me that spells one thing. Spaghetti code. :cool:

Actually no; it spells a dedicated, reactive and responsive author, who listens to his customers and cares about his product.

Well I’ve been programming ‘professionally’ for about 15 years (21 years total) now and have experienced a lot of ‘bad code’ in products that were ‘Best of Breed’ in their market. I think it is hard to judge any product’s code without seeing it. In general I think n-track is a pretty cool product, and there is probably some ‘bad’ code in it, since there is always a learning curve, and most programmers do get better over time. I also think that with n-track essentially being the work of 1 person, and I’m pretty sure no formal ‘QA’, things will get broken. It looks to me like there is a pattern to the development cycle here (Release early and often), and if you wait until the build rate for a particular version to slow down, you can get something that is relatively stable.

That being said, the fact here are so many builds with bug fixes in them, does make n-track look ‘bad’, and it’s image might benefit from a different release process (like a long beta period, assuming enough people are willing to test it).

I purchased n-track because 1) It seemed logical to me, and 2) $70 wouldn’t kill me if I found something I like better later. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. If you like it, report the bugs you find, and I’m sure they will be addressed in time.

I think the real reason people seem to get so upset with n-track , is it that they really want it work because they can’t really find anything they like better.

Don’t feed the trolls…

I live for new builds!

It’s like a little bit of christmas every few days.

John Candy is dead. It’s shame someone would choose to troll using one of his fun characters. Long live John Candy.

Quote (cmw @ Oct. 05 2005,10:24)
It's like a little bit of christmas every few days.

:laugh: :laugh:

RIGHT ON !!!! RIGHT ON !!!!!!