BR - MIDI again (mainly)

faders - recording and re-install

BUILD 2294 -

tested on PCs running Win ME and Win 2000 -

MIDI faders go below infinity to -10000 - this suprisingly is very loud -

Win ME WIN 2000 - Registry mechanic finds a faulty software location related to FASoft (N track) and Bladenc.exe - if this fault is repaired N track V4 and V5 have to be reinstalled - OK if on V3 as i dont think MP3 was around then -

MIDI RECORDING Win ME Win 2000 - MIDI recording will do any of the below at any time

1… Stop recording - “full stop” with record button popping out -
2… stop recording (timeline stops, “recording” stops flashing and record button stays in -
3… seize N completely -

Win 2000 - EVIDENCE ELIMINATOR has same effect in Win 2000 as Registry Mechanic does on Win ME, but EE does not look at the registry at all, in this case EE takes out all windows temp files and files that have no extention or extentions that are not recognised by windows (and programs presently installed) - result reinstall N -

Dr J