Brand Spanking New Song

Oh My Baby

Here’s a new song I just finished titled “Oh My Baby”.
Would appreciate comments to make it better.

Get the link right and we’ll listen Levi. Or is it Soundclick?

It was right in preview, lets see.

OH MY BABY…7131101

It was right untill you came along. What did you do to it?

For some reason it’s linking to my administration page. ?

You where on that song pretty fast to. I just posted it. Be nice.

I’ll do a site search and check it out.

Thx PW. Hey I was logged in and didn’t think it made any diffrence.
That’s why some of the links take you to soundclick homepage, it’s requesting a login. What a relief that is. I thought it was script bs.

The link is good in the other New Song post.

I got it - ZZ meets Stevie.
Nice stuff. Still wait’n for that ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ ballad.
Rock on my ‘Lone Star’ star :agree:

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Dec. 08 2008, 9:06 PM)

I got it - ZZ meets Stevie.
Nice stuff. Still wait'n for that 'Bell Bottom Blues' ballad.
Rock on my 'Lone Star' star :agree:

Hey I'm happy that you found it and liked it. Sorry about broken link darn. And I really appreciate the very nice compliment!

You know I've got a lot of major riffs waiting for me to finish them into songs.
Can't think of one that is a sweet ballad. Oh darn I just rememberd one that I have finished. But I'm not a sweetheart kind of singer. I'll have to find someone else to sing it, more of a soft voice. Guy singin to a babe kind of thing. There is even a little pillow talk in it. Disgusting romantic stuff. :whistle:

Sorry guys this link is broken, the other one works ok.