brief midi tutorial?

hey guys. I use an Echo Layla 24/96 and want to play around with some midi to get more familiar with it.

My motherboard is an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe. so I have onboard audio but it’s disabled because I don’t use the audio from it.

I assume I would set up my midi to use the MPU-401 since I think that’s the onboard synthesizer, but how do I hear the midi sounds through my Layla?

Can someone just do a basic midi tutorial like I did with the audio setup a while back so I know what I’m supposed to be doing?

Thanks in advance :)

never mind, I figured out how to get sound out of my layla. thanks anyway :)

ok. I’ve got another question.

I’m trying to use my pc keyboard to control ntracks midi.

for example. If I press the N button, I wish for it to send that through the computer and play a G note (or whatever note it may be.

right now I’m set up like this.

PC keyboard->
Bome’s Mouse Keyboard->
Midi In= none
Midi Out=Midi Yoke NT-1->

N-track Midi Track
"Record From"=Midi Yoke NT-1->
“Output”=Instrument plug-in sfz

N-track Audio Track=SFZ

LIVE button enabled

Currently I can press a note on the N-track Piano Roll and hear it route through the midi channel into the SFZ and subsequently play a soundfont.
I CAN’T, however, press a note on the Bome’s Mouse Keyboard and have it route through into N-track’s Midi track with any of the midi choices. Normally Midi Yoke NT is supposed to allow me to do this, but it doesn’t appear to be working.

Any ideas?

Do you have midi-ox? If not, get it. Set it to monitor midi-yoke1-out and you’ll see if midi really goes from your keyboard. I’m not sure about this, but shouldn’t you use midi-yoke 1 in instead of out? I always confuse myself with that… And try also setting n-tracks midi-in as midi-yoke 1 from settings->midi->midi-devices and set routing to auto. Then insert an empty midi-track that has output to sfz.

Scythe, it’s confusing because one man’s output is the next man’s input. In any case, MIDIOX and Bome won’t let you send data in the wrong direction. :wink:

What git69’s doing sounds reasonable. And plugging MIDIOX in might clear things up a bit.

Make sure you’re using the right MIDI channel. That would be an easy way to make it not work, even though the data’s all getting where it’s supposed to.

One more thing I should point out. I’m using n-Track V3.3, and “Live” mode seems to have a bug. Frequently, live mode stops working (usually after hitting STOP, or returning from piano roll, or going into it, or something like that but I’m not quite sure what). When it does, all I need to do is any change and then hit “undo” and bingo it works again.

Maybe you’re just bumping into this problem. So click “mute” on some channel and then “UNDO” (or if your in piano roll mode, paint in a note and undo, or whatever). So far, undoing anything has fixed the problem. And I have to keep doing it, every time I hit stop or whatever it is that kabollixes it up.

I haven’t reported this bug. Anyone else seen it?

I’ll try to clarify.

I’m sending out from Bome’s via Midi Yoke NT1
I’m receiving into N-track’s Midi Channel via Midi Yoke NT1

I’m using V4 with the newest patch.

I’ll check the midi channel. :)

I’ll get midiox :)

and I’ll give it all a shot.

Yup, the direction of midi data is out->in. Now, I’ll never forget it now that I finally thought it through ;P.

:) now midi won't playback though...
n-track just crashes when I tried to make a drum beat and play it with midi.

fun fun fun :)

I just had a crash too, after that N crashed two times right after it got itself loaded, nothing you could do. Next, my second(web) XP on c partition wouldn’t boot… really mysterious. And this was after I recorded some midi with my keyboard, not immediately after but after some time. I just installed midi-yoke-nt, suspicious…

Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve had midi yoke on my computer for quite a little while, but I never use MIDI. I just got it to connect midi to autotune.

I figured I’d get a pitch to midi converter program, that’ll change my vocals to midi, then I can “polish” the midi notes and such, and run that into Auto-tune so it’s more accurate, and come full circle to correct my original vocal.

I haven’t actually done it since pitch to midi programs turned out to be expensive (one just came out though that’s only $35)

anyways, I don’t usually use MIDI, but I’d really like to get involved in it. I hear how n-Track’s MIDI isn’t very good, and I can see why.

I use n-Tracks MIDI all the time, and for the most part it works just great. Sure, people whine for more features all the time, especially those features they see and love in $300 programs. And yes, the UI could be improved in a few simple ways. But it works and it’s really pretty darn good in many ways.

From a stability and functionality standpoint, it works fine. I find it 100 times easier to use wth VSTis than anything else I have seen out there. It is really the editing portion that N-track is not great for. I constantly run all sorts of huge sample banks (around 1GB of RAM usuage) with N track and have no problems. I think your crashiness if from MIDI yoke or one of the other things on your machine.

Is that with sfz, Bubba, or something else?

I have 512M RAM, and I have problems running sfz with soundfonts over 50M or so. Not always, either (er, I think). I’m planning to test rebooting just before using them to maximize free RAM to see if that makes a difference.

Sfz seems to really put N into work. I have 1GB ram in my Athlon xp3400, after six audio tracks playing it’s already difficult to make it play cadenza strings. I think I’ll try using something else, perhaps one of those ‘kill’-instruments… I heard some of those can play sf2. Was it novakill, lovekill or whatever. Anyway, in fruity loops there’s a really good soundfont player that plays just about anything with ease. Too bad its FL only… Then there’s something called ‘soundfonter’, never got to try that one. If you find a good (free) sf2-sampler, please report it here.

Scythe, you know the workaround for your problem, right? Just render MIDI tracks to audio (solo the track and offline mixdown, then import the track. Mute the MIDI track.) You still have the MIDI track in case you decide to adjust anything. Do this to as many MIDI tracks as you have to.

Yes, but this was a case where I couldn’t play the instrument from my keyboard because of cpu going wild and the result sounding like kellogg’s cereal, snap, crackle, pop etc. I need to hear how the result sounds while I play. Well, I could try muting some tracks and turning effects processing off. But as I figured later, part of the reason sfz was so power consuming is that candenza strings has 10 string samples layered on a single keypress, so when I strike down 6 keys it’s 60, then I switch position or play something quickly with my right hand it might suddenly be well over 200 because the previous keypresses still playing (decaying envelopes). In order to keep the natural sound I need to keep the polyphony setting in at least 120 (!).

I was thinking about using some VSTi-strings, might do the job more efficiently.
Again, if you got some good (free/cheap) VSTi-strings in mind… :)

Sorry, I read carelessly. You did say “6 audio tracks”. We need a “DOH!” smiley. :wink:

Well, I use a lot of stuff. Sfz is one of them. I have never really pushed sfz past 300MB or so. The key thing with sfz is to be sure you are using PR32 (or DFD, but it is a little hokey)and don’t crank the quality setting up until you are ready to render. As for the big numbers, I have been fiddling with the Kontakt demo (can you say WOW!) and I can load that dude up like you wouldn’t believe. Rereading what I wrote, I should not have said sample banks. I am not using any sample bank that big. I have loaded a bunch of smaller (100MB-200MB each or so) banks to add up to 1GB. All that to say, it’s not a memory thing with N-track. It is the plugs/drivers usually. The Kontakt demo has been very solid with my torture tests.

As a side note, if you are in the market for a big boy software sampler, go Kontakt. It is cheaper than the full blown Giga Orchestra, imports Giga with no weirdness that I can see, works as a VSTi/DXi (Giga is limited to standalone and ReWire), and for me the demo has been super stable even wih maxing out RAM. Hrm, now where to find $379…

Yea sfz acts goofy on N…even when I render using DFD…all the nuances of the Piano soundfont I use are just GONE and on top of it…some of the notes arent even playing.
I heard Kontakt, Mach Five, and Halion are one of the best samplers in the market if not pricey :)

A friend of mine had Giga…nice beast but a little klunky to use with a sequencer I thought [shrug]

Editting MIDI in N takes a bit getting used to at first but it works and its a just a matter of finding your familiar workflow with any gear you have. There are some convoluted approaches in N that’d I still like to leave behind but after a year and half with N and a few fx plugs/vsti’s that I gotten to know intimately, it’s better than having tons of stuff you dont know how to use really well.