Broken plug-ins.

The last few builds of n-T, on start-up and during vst scan, notifies me that I have three broken plug-ins. I can’t identify them from the brief info or by scouring the folder.
Any wise words?

Hi Tony,

you should be able to see what plugin is related to the problem in the VST scan log: right click on a track, select Effects/Add Effect/Customize->Show Scan log.


Thanks, Flavio. I’m going through the log, now. How do I identify the damaged plugs?

There should be an error reported in the log during the scan of one of the plugins. You can erase the log file and do a fresh scan so that you’ll only have today’s entries.


Thanks, Flavio - big time.
I’ve reduced the three notices when starting n to just one. As you said, the errors are there in the log but the details are not the same as suggested in the scan on start-up. For instace;- cwdxpx1.dll turned out to be mxbass.dll or whatever.

I’ll have it nailed by the morning.

Smoke me a kipper - I’ll be back in time for breakfast.