Broken sng.file

I want to mix down the project i am working on but,i already had to start over because when i mixed it down last time it wouldnt play after that. What am i doing wrong.


I’m not sure what you are saying…

After you mixed down did the mixdown file not play or did the sng file not play in n-Track anymore?

How did you mix the song down? what settings did you select?

Also, what format did you mix it to? If you did a 24 bit mixdown and tried to play that wave in something like Windows Media Player it may fail to play because of the lack of a 24 bit codec for WMP (that’s what the error say - unsupported format, etc). That seems a bit odd since it’s wasy to play 24 bit files in other apps, but it get’s me on a regular basis. It’s actually because WMP opens the wave out using DirectSound via WDM and that doesn’t support 24 bits with my card. I have to use MME to get 24 bits, and of course WMP doesn’t do that.

No i mixed it down and after that the sng file no longer would play,the mix wave worked fine.

Thanx Bones

I think you’re referring to one of your other threads whereby your sng file get screwed and won’t play any more?

You’re probably not doing anything wrong… This is “computer land”. Sometimes bad things happen to good song files.

If you do find it happens over and over then you’ve probably discovered a bug and once you can reproduce the problem we can ask Flavio to fix it.

As I said in your other thread, a failure like this focuses the mind on backups.


I looked in the user guide but didint see a section on backing the files up. This may seem like a stupid qusestion but do i just copy the folder tha I have the sng.file saved in.Dose N keep every thing there that it needs or do I need to locate the wave and midi files that it needs.

Thank all of you for your support


Use Windows Explorer. Don’t copy the whole song folder, just copy the .sng file.

As a matter of habit, now while I’m waiting for a mixdown I go to Explorer, hightlight the sng file, hit CNTRL-C, CNTRL-V, and re-name the resulting copy of the sng file to “mixf001.sng” or whatever.

What are these wave peak files?



Don’t copy the whole song folder, just copy the .sng file.

Actually I need to caveat that statement. You don’t need to backup the whole folder to save the sng file. It is important, of course, to backup the wav files too at regular intervals but the problem this time was a corrupted sng file. I generally only backup the whole song (wavs etc) at key points - when a song is finished for example.

In my time of using n-track (since V2.1), I’ve not lost a wav through drive corruption or failure but I have lost several sng files that started behaving strangely.

What are these wave peak files?

The npk files hold information about the “picture” of the waveform that n-track draws. They are not important in a backup strategy; delete them and n-track will re-create them.

I always save different versions of the sng file throught a project anyway.
This lets me go back to a previous state teh song was in if I want to change something and also serves as a backup.

So I might have a whole bunch of sng files in the directory with names like
[song name].sng (usually the first vesion)
[song name]_jamstix.sng (once I’ve added drums)
[song name]_JS + bass.sng (with bass guitar added)
[song name]_wav drums.sng (once I’ve rendered the drums to wav files)
[song name]_premaster.sng (final mix)
[song name]_premaster2.sng (when I realise previous final mix wasn’t so final :))

This allows me to go back to various stages and undo things if I’ve done submixes or comp’d things together along the way.
plus means that there is an inherent back up system in place too should the sng file get corrupted (touch wood it has never happened to me)


Quote (bones1300 @ Nov. 26 2005,11:17)
… do i just copy the folder tha I have the sng.file saved in? Does N keep every thing there that it needs or do I need to locate the wave and midi files that it needs?

I’m not sure if I understand this part of your post. Your installation of N-track should be set up so that it will put all new wav and midi files in the “current song directory” where it keeps the .sng file. You shouldn’t have to locate those files. If you’re running a recent version go to “File” => “Settings” => “Preferences” => “Paths” and set “Use working directory” to
"Temporary files (new wave files go to the current song directory)"

A side note: Does “new wave files go to . . .” mean that you can only record Blondie or Depeche Mode? :p

Most folks will create a new directory for each song so all the files for that song will be stored in one place (which makes full-backups/archiving easy). And I also follow RichLum’s advice to “save as” a new name for the sng file whenever I’ve made significant progress. Sometimes I’ll do submixes and then move all the related files into a subdirectory as well. It keeps me organized.



Blondie or Depeche Mode?

Blondie yes, but Depeche Mode? New Romantics, surely?

Not that I consider wikipedia to be the final word on anything but their entry on Depeche Mode says “originally founded in 1980 as a synth rock band in the town of Basildon, England. They have been one of the longest-lived and most successful bands to have emerged during the New Wave/New Romantic era.” So I guess we’re both right.

I still say that:
Spiky hair + synthesizers + early 80’s = New Wave

I have to admit I still own a 1-inch-wide leather tie dating from 1981.