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Play Brother

This is a another poem by HD Thoreau that I put to music a long time ago & just got around to recording. The poem was written about Thoreau’s brother who died of lockjaw. I was very moved by the poem & decided to put it to music. It’s very simple but the lyrics are moving and sad.


Brother where do you dwell
What sun shines for you now?
Do you indeed farewell?
As we wished here below.

What season did you find?
It was winter here.
Aren’t the fates more kind
Than they appear?

Is your brow clear again
As in your youthful years?
And was that ugly pain
The summit of your fears?

Yet you were cheery still,
They could not quench your fire,
You did abide their will,
And then you retired.

Where chiefly shall I look
To feel your presence near?
Along the neighboring brook
May I your voice still hear?

Do you still haunt the brink
Of yonder river’s tide?
And may I ever think
That you are at my side?

I was the strongest here
Of studiest pace
Say am I still your peer
In your foot face?

For then as now I trust
I always lagged behind
While you ever first
Cutting the wind

When on the pond I whirl
In sport, if sport maybe.
But now that you are gone
May I still follow thee?

Brother where do you dwell
What sun shines for you now?
Do you indeed farewell?
As we wished here below.

Nice song Mike,
The mix sounds good and clear, I like the seperation on the guitars. Vocals nice and controlled. Struggling to hear the bass, but listening at work on crappy pc speakers. Will take a listen at home,

Shamed to admit, I’ve never heard of H.D.Thoreau, but nice sentiments.

Sweet song. I like it!

Thanks for listening! I can bring the bass up a bit. I kept the mix pretty simple. Did you like the slide?

Thoreau was writer, poet and philosopher. Have you ever heard of the book Walden? For info on Thoreau, see Thoreau.

Hi Mike,

Listening now for the 3rd time as I type. Now I’m hearing it on decent speakers the bass is more audible, for personal preference I might bring it up a couple of dbs but maybe thats being hyper-critical as it’s hard to fault the mix. I like the slide on the right side very much, it sounds a little “in your face” I’m wondering if you could use just a little reverb to push it back just a little so it doesn’t come in quite so harshly. However as I say, I’m being picky because there are no serious issues with the mix. I like the song very much, style sounds a little like… Hmmm, who’s that Canadian guy?
By the way, your vocals are very well controlled and smoothly delivered , something I struggle with!


I’ll review the mix. I have verb on the slide but maybe it needs more.

Bruce Coburn? Other people have said that.

It does sound like Bruce Cockburn(I think that the correct spelling) reminds me of the old coffehouse days at Fiddlers Dream.
You guys got to teach me all your secrets. :p :p :p

Enjoyed, but style reminds me of other Canadian guy, of a young-er note! :D

Who - Neil? I don’t think this sounds like Neil at all. I’ve been compared to Bruce Cockburn more than once (and it’s a compliment because he’s fantastic - much better guitarist than I am).

Mr. Soul, I know we don’t see eye to eye on most issues haha…but I think you are very talented. I listened to ALL your songs and thought they were great. I can’t comment much on the tech aspect since I’m just learning but on the listenability (is that a word??) of the songs I thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing those…

Bob - thank you very much! Music transcends politics - right? Unless of course the music is political :laugh:

Besides, I think you just ill-informed or unenlightened in your political views and you’ll eventually come around to my way of thinking. :D