Browser page not right

lost the left side

Now when I gointo the Fasoft site, I dont get the left side of the screen on the homepage (column that says links, forum, etc). Any one know what I need to change?



What’s the link you are using to get there? The site uses frames with the menu on he left and rest on the right, including the forum. Is the left frame there but blank or is it something else? If the menu frame is blank then right click on it an select refresh. To do this you’ll have to click where a graphic ISN’T up near the top edge maybe, depending on what actually is there.

For example, this link will take you to the forum without putting it in a frame

Its the same favourite shortcut, except that I switched to Mozilla-firefox to help stop (hopefully) crapola on my home machine. We just switched to cable internet, and I wanted as much protection as possible, so I loaded Mozilla, installed a wireless router (creates firewall?) on the wired home computer, now have the luxury of walking around the hood with my laptop and getting lightning speed internet…but my laptop is fine with screen shots, the home computer is still showing only the right side of the page.
I’ll try ® cliking on the left side of the page for the menu, but I thought this would be a weird way to go thru paging webpages with my new cable-internet on the home computer.
I dont understand why my laptop looks fine (on the network) but the family computer will not load the page correctly…some setting somewhere in desktop?
mozilla causing a problem on the family monitor, but not the laptop?