Bryce Canyon

sorry double post

Don’t apologize, I just double replied to your double post! :p

TG – procrastinating before mowing the lawn…

ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG, TG said a bad word!

Mowing, should be outlawed.

Heh. The procrastinating paid off! It started pouring down rain! Downside? Now I get to mow Saturday instead of recording…


Downside of procrastinating while the temps are in the low 80’s here, Then the rain came, no mowing then, now almost 2 weeks have gone by, yard looks like jungle, Yaz is very depressed about mowing today, temps back into the mid 90’s with high humidity again. Heat index today, 109 in the shade.

Upside, heading to local home improvement store today to purchase one gallon of Roundup, 200 bales of pine needles, very large natural area!

Anyone interested in buying Troy Built lawnmower? :p

Mowing sucks!

Work sucks!

Thinking of changing name to Maynard G. Krebbs.


Mowing sucks!

Yaz, buy a goat.

That way, the two of you can sit on the porch, share a case of beer, and stare at the lawn together. :D


Do you have robins in the USA?

It’s a small bird, about the size of a speug (house sparrow), brown, but with a bright red breast.

They’re very pugnacious wee birds, you’ll only find one male in an area, and they are afraid of nothing. When you’re digging the garden, it’ll hang around very close waiting for you to dig up a nice juicy worm or two.

Couple of years ago, I was mowing the acreage, and I paused for a moment to wipe the sweat off, and no sooner had I taken my hands of the mower than the local robin landed on the handle, and gave me a look.

I can’t speak robinese, but I swear to god it was trying to speak to me.

It’s a very special moment when a wild creature communicates with you, even if it’s only trying to say, “get on with it arsehole, I ain’t got all day!” :)


Robins? BAH! Blue-Jays are ounce for ounce THE baddest birds in the skies. If they grew to the size of Hawks or Eagles, no one would be safe! They are some MEAN bastages!

TG – Blue-Jay “spoke” to me once… ALL four letter words too…

Most times when a bird like a Robin gets close to you and starts “fussing” it’s because you are close to it’s nest. We have 2 bird feeders in the natural areas in the front and back. The Robins do hang around the compost pile in the back stealing my fishing worms. Wrens build nests everywhere on our property, even in the pole holding the sat dish. But the dang Blue Jays run all the other birds off. Eat all the seeds in the feeders, crap all over the car and truck, act like they own the place. A little buck shot in their diet may be good for em. But the wifey can’t stomach me shooting the birds. And the neighbors complain about holes in the sheet metal of their cars. Oh well.

Ali, the goat idea sounds great! :D