Bryce Canyon

While you guys are back here still talking about a long dead woman, I was taking this picture of Bryce Canyon.

We are now visiting my sister-in-law who lives in colorado at just over 10,000 feet.

Lots o’ deep breaths.


Wasn’t that scene in a Star Wars movie? :)

Travel safe Doc!


Great pic Doc!

Keep on having a great time. Rocky Mountain High!

Wow. that is gorgeous.

Who was Bryce? ???

When I moved from Maine to CA 7 years ago, I drove across the great US with my mom. For all of you who have never been to So. UT, the whole area is beautiful like this with Bryce & Zion being at the top. You’ve really got to see.

Quote (TomS @ July 28 2005,20:44)
Wow. that is gorgeous.

Who was Bryce? ???

I’ve just researched that question for you Tom, and here’s the answer.

There was no Bryce.

In fact, “Bryce” is the English rendering of the Navajo phrase “Brha hi cee” which literally translates as; “your finger, you idiot!”.

This is because the first person to explore the area, (a Franciscan Friar), learned enough Navajo to ask, “What is that thing called?”.

So when he pointed towards that big hole in the ground, and asked his question, the answer of course was; “Brha hi cee”. :;):