Bubba's Christmas Record

Gift for the board.

Here is the complete contents of the Christmas record Kristi and I put out last year. Just a little treat for everyone on the board. I hope you enjoy it.

For the techy in you… The samples are the Garritan Personal Orchestra (with very few exceptions) and the vocals were all done in our dining room using an SM7 and the built in Emu preamps on the 1820M.

Ave Maria
Cantique De Noel
Coventry Carol
The First Nowell (Arrangement by Marce)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Joy To The World
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Stille Nacht (Arrangement by Marce)
The Prayer
Tu Sciendi Dalle Stelle
What Child Is This?

You suck.

No, seriously, just listened to Come All Ye Faithful, and I’m very impressed.

I might sell my Hercules FW16/12 and get an EMU.

EDIT: No, I’m not impressed. It sounds Pro, as simple as that.

Bubbagump a super good job. Haven’t heard better anywhere.
Thank you and Merry Christmas


Thanks for the feed back fellers. Willy, I couldn’t happier with my Emu. I have always been a bit prejudiced to the built in pres on anything, but I plugged the mic in and is sounded great so I quit while I was ahead.

And listen O Come Emmanuel… can you believe how good the Garritan woodwinds and harp sound!!! I mean, the buzzing of the reeds is unreal as opposed to the over produced smooth reeds you hear in other sample libraries. And the harp has crazy stereo space. This is also my thesis to those who say MIDI sounds bad…


Lovely Christmas present. Thanks Bubba.
Aint it strange, as a dyed in the wool unbeliever, I just LOVE Christmas Carols.

Merry Christmas!


Thanks Bubba !

You rock !

(Well in a Christmas Carolly hymny type of way in this intance)

Btw, Steve, feel good music / holidays trancend religious preference (or the lack thereof).

Not strange at all.

Merry Christmas y’all !


Awesome Bubba, Thanks…

That’s great! And true enough, the reeds in O Come Emmanuel do sound quite ‘in your face’, which they ought to pretty much be. Woody and acoustic-like.

SM57’s? Far out.

No, it is an SM7, totally different than SM57s.