Bubba inspired bass traps DIY project

Treated my recording room a little

Hi !

Just thought I’d post this to add my experience and to say thanks to Bubba for his detailed post about the subject.

I’ve recently moved my recording space into a smaller room in our house. Since then I’ve never recorded anything other than ‘line in’ stuff. Last Wednesday I finally dusted off the microphone to get a couple of vocals going, and to my horror you could hear the boomyness of the room in the recording. 1stly I just want to say thanks to all the people over here and Audiominds for ruining it for me. :p A couple of years ago this wouldn’t have made a difference to me, but now I know better…

So my ‘I will do it later’ stance towards acoustic treatment changed to a ‘I have to do it now’.

So we built and installed the traps into my room this weekend.

I took half a day off to get all the stuff that I needed
- 10 pieces of wood - 1.8 meter by 20mm by 40mm
- 20 90degree 15mm brackets
- 5 pieces of compressed fiberglass 1.2m x 60cm
- 10 meters of acoustic grill cloth

The guys at the woodshop only had 1.8 meter lengths of the pine that I needed, so I had to either cut 4cm off the fiberglass, or I had to make a plan to make a frame that would give the whole 1.2m x 60cm as usable space.

The result was as you can see in the photos - brackets that are attached to the inside of the rectangle shape, leaving no overlap in the wood, as the wood isn’t ‘joined’, but rather connected with the brackets.
The gaps on the outside was covered with the fabric and ended up looking kinda cool.

The hardest work of the whole project was to sand the edges of the wood round, as I didn’t want the grill cloth to be tensioned over the sharp edges of the wood. So I filed the edges off and then sanded them smooth.

Putting the frames together was easy.

The more interesting bit was covering the traps with the grill cloth. Naturally we learned and got better as we went along.
The main thing that we found was (because of the ‘stretchiness’ of the grill cloth) to not put sideways strain on the cloth when putting tension on it. If we did that we ended up with a fold (or crease) that we couldn’t get out. It was at the back so it doesn’t matter that much, but still.

One stuffup where we cut the grill cloth too short (but lucky I bought more than enough) and 1 am that night we were done with the 5 (we only started at about 16:00)

On Saturday we then mounted 3 of them in the corners (took about 2 hours)

I still have 2 not mounted (standing upright next to two of the biggest open walls).
I am playing around with the best places for them. At the moment they are doing well where they are, but I think that 1 will go into the middle of the ‘back’ wall onto the corner where the wall and the ceiling meets.

The other one will get mounted on the side wall. Then I have another two pieces of rigid fiberglass that will become 4 60x60 cm squares that will go onto the back and front walls.

That should cover it.

I didn’t have time to record again in there, but just by ear you can tell that a lot (if not all) of the boomyness is gone, as well as the ‘bouncyness’ of sounds.

I will hopefully in the next two days find the time to do another recording to compare…

The pieces of wood with the brackets on them

Making the frame (Stephan, my cousin is always willing to be misused for helping me out)
Notice the glass top dining room table - bless my lovely wife for letting me take over the house while working on these projects.

The finished trap

Mounted into one corner

And another:

Then I looked at the cutoffs from the grill cloth and my diy popscreen and decided to upgrade the popscreen’s stocking with the grill cloth:

Hi Wihan:
What a great looking project…

You can post the idea of doing this to the readers of the board and they all will have no idea what happens to their tracks till after they get busy and do it… Then record their tracks again…


Thanks, Bill !

Good luck for me I didn’t record any other vocals (or anything with a mic) here before this.

I just had time to do a quick compare recording.

Take a listen.

Little comparitive grunting

Rough. Very rough.

But try to listen past the voices and the mixing thereof. This is pulled out of a song with full band so it’ll sound a little weird on its own.

The 1st part is from last week’s (pre treatment) session, the 2nd just now.

I recorded it (both times) with the mic at the same place in the room, same gain setting and no EQ or any other effects. What you hear here both times is a Berry B-1 into a spirit folio lite (EQ’s center) into the delta1010lt.


What a difference! Wow! That’s really excellent, Wihan!


I have this dial-up guys… You all know I have… I’ll take your word for it… One day I’ll have something faster and I’ll listen to your work… Radar Wayne and I are always arguing over how much of a room should be absorbent to reflections and how much of the room should be reflective to audio, and at what frequencies… and what types of materials best reflect what frequencies? We are forever going into rooms and then commenting on what we think we heard in them and what we think makes that room sound the way it does… and what it could be best suited for… You’d think we had good ears… or something…

Today we had our first snowfall… It was ugly… It started as rain and ended as wet-heavy snow… It’s the kind of snow that could be here in April… It’s so depressing… As you can tell… I’m not a snow type of guy… A good portion of our weather for this time of year starts out as snow and ends up as rain… Not this one…

Anyway, I fired up my snowblower… It worked… Now I need to go out and clear the plow bank… The sidewalk plow hasn’t appeared yet… But when it does I’ll have to get busy… Wet snow, when it freezes is something like concrete… You can’t break it up with a stone hammer… Well this stuff, anyway…


The download is only 241k, Bill. You can handle that one. :)


I still promise when I get rich, I’m gonna fly up there and get you a T1 pulled to your place and pay for it as long as you need it. You’ve suffered enough…


PS Don’t hold your breath though… :(

Hi Wihan and All:
I have the morning run to do… I’ll download that file… I was just cry’in the blues yesterday… Sorry guys… No one was prepared for this weather we got yesterday… If they weren’t stuck they had run outta fuel… It was bad. The bodyshop guys are gonna make a fortune from this one…

I download 10 -15 meg. files on a regular basis… but a 241 kb. file is pretty small… agreed… One day I’ll have a hi-speed connection and I’ll have forgotten what I wanted it for… To download a new build of n-Track takes me about 30 minutes… Maybe… ?? I just start the download and go do something else. till I check if it’s down…

You guys and your 25-40 seconds :O ??? You think you’re smart… :p :laugh: I’d sure like to spend time and listen to to your work…


WOW…what a difference. Nice job!

I got that file and just let it play/repeat… After letting it play 6-8 times it becomes apparent that the reflective energy of the first could influence how you treat the vocal track in the rendered two-track mix of the end product. It might be nice to hear some Bed Tracks with the same two vocal/tracks… Those voices fit/blend quite well together…