Buddy Rich Video

Danm, this guy could play!


Do modern drummers even aspire to this level of talent anymore?
I dunno…

What I wanna knwo is who the guy in the audience shooting anti-aircraft rounds is. :O

But there are plenty like Buddy Still around. You just gotta know where to look.

And he’s wearing a suit! Just think how good he’d been if he had dressed like modern drummers. You know, tank top, biker shorts and combat boots! :D :D


PS Oh…and a doo rag. I forgot the doo rag…

Quote (John @ April 04 2005,18:00)
Do modern drummers even aspire to this level of talent anymore?

From everything I've heard of him, he was a natural who never practiced, ever. So not sure if "aspire" is the proper word.

Anyway, I have a good story to share. My old jazz professor used to play trumpet in Buddy Rich's band. Apparently you were always walking on eggshells as he would fire anyone on the spot for any reason. Everyone in the band knew that Buddy couldn't read music at all, he played everything by ear. So one of my professor's friends in the band wrote a complex piece with lots of meter changes, knowing Buddy wouldn't be able to read the music. Buddy got the new piece and made the band play it once through, without him! The second time he played the song along with them, and nailed every change, just by hearing it once! Now that's something.