buffering and general ASIO drivers question...

where do you change latency?

So with my Delta 44s, the ONLY way to change the buffering/latency for the ASIO settings was in the soundcard’s control panel.

Now, I’m playing around with a Yamaha i88X mLAN Firewire I/O device, and I’m a little bit confused. Is it possible that I can adjust the buffering settings for this device within n-Track, as well as from within the control panel of the audio interface? Or is it that when it comes to ASIO drivers, buffering is always controlled by the audio interface?

I guess the problem is that there are only three buffering settings in the i88X ASIO control panel, and I was wondering if there is any way I can get more control. Latency is not really an issue for me, I want to increase the buffer size to get playback a little bit more stable…


When using ASIO drivers, the driver and its control applet set the buffer size. n-Track will not adjust ASIO settings. As far as I know, every package I have used has a button to pop up the driver applet so it must be an ASIO thang.

Only THREE settings? 1. Lowest 2. Eh… right 3. Extreme ? ??? :D